nights out for london meet

hi all,

thought this would be best as a seperate post. is details on the other post about a hotel some of us have booked into so we’re all together if anyone else want to do the same.

of course we have to have a night out or 2 for the london meet.
i come down on the thursday and go back sat, maybe sun. so, who fancies a night out and where?

debi mentioned a show and some drinks on the thursday night.
friday we could have a meal somewhere and a whole lotta drinks!!! :smiley:

so, ideas girlies. who wants to come to 1 or both and what are peoples preferences for both?

meal - what sort of food do people like and does anyone have any recommendations thats not overly expensive?
what food will you all eat or not eat? i’ll eat pretty much anything! :lol:

am sooooooo excited about the meet now :smiley:


HI Claire were not going to do a show Thursday bit expensive me and my mate just gonna chill, then hit the town fri night…
We will eat most things not over keen on chinese but everything else ok.

Theres a web site that shows you all the clubs, bars restaurants near to the hotel cant remember name of it doh… but will come to me i will have a look at it.
Bye for now lovey xxx

it depends on money for me but would love to see something. that said, my mum owes me so will eitehr see if she will pay for it or she mentioned treating me when i graduate to a theatre weekend.

ARGGGHHHHHH!!! i graduate in novemeber too!!! OMG!!! thats flew by!!

ok, breath claire. lol


how about la tasca?? (tapas style food) is a few of them dotted about london and i saw some glirlies went to the kingston 1 and seemed to enjoy it.


Hi Girls

Just to say that I am coming in to town with Kate on the Thursday night and honestly if you just want a fun night out with a ‘few’ drinks there are loads of places to go and loads of places to eat too so we will find somewhere 8)

A great place to ‘hang’ is Covent Garden or Charring Cross, especially on a Friday night when all the office boys are in town…loads of fun!

See you all soon
x o x


i know, is loads of places to eat near the venue and the hotel some of us are staying in. i had a look and rthe choice is unreal! get the feeling there’ll be more than a few of us so will need to book in advance to warn them :lol: not sure how they’ll take to a bunch of lively, alcohol fulled, emotional women taking over their reseraunt mind :lol:

office boys huh, well, i have a bf and am a good girl :smiley: but it cant hurt to have something nice to look at :wink: :lol:


So looks like we wont have to worry about places to go we wont be bored anyway…

Im married too but no harm in a bit of eye candy to decorate the surroundings!!!


Love n hugz kaz xx :wink:

There are loads of places to eat out in london. If you look on last you might find somewhere you fancy and might be able to book it cheaper.

hi all

you lot been busy planning make shore you involve me plzzzzzzzzzzzz i will be there no matter wot xxxx

love debi x

hey debi,
nice to have you back :smiley:

i thought abaout tapas cos ive never had it and it looks fun. apart from that, a few drinks then, a few more!! :lol: any suggestions from you??