night sweats?

Hi I had my colposcopy and lletz procedure on the 19th December (results cin3) and past couple of nights have been sweating a lot which isn't normal for me. Just wondered if this was a normal thing or if I should see my gp? Thanks for any replies xx

Hi hun did not want t read n run i would ask for the doc t see you or call you x did they get all the cin3 witj the lletz and how did you find it xxx

Hi. I've had exavtly the same problem. I'm 27 and have stage 2b cancer. I've had these sweats on and off for the past 6 weeks. I wake up sometimes and my duvet , clothing etc is wet through. When I asked the cancer nurse she said it could be an infection in the tumor. However I don't have an infection. So I can't answer but I hope we do both find the answer and hopefully something to prevent it from keep happening.  Sending my love xxx

Hey thanks for the replies, I found it uncomfortable but i was ok, it doesnt take long at all, they said they couldn't comment on my margins just that they were hopeful they got it all which left me a bit worried they hadn't! They cant be certain because i was bleeding quite heavily during the procedure and they had to cauterize all of the area. I have a smear in 6 months. I had an infection about two weeks ago that has cleared up now so may pop back and check all is ok. Maybe its a hormonal issue. Hope you're both well xxx

Hi I suffer from anxiety and suffer from night sweats when I am especially stressed so maybe this could be the problem x x 

Like pink princess said I’d think anxiety! After being diagnosed I kept waking up soaked through!!

Yeah maybe, might pop to doctors to check, i'm still getting it after the results unless its anxiety about the no margin being Mentioned. Xx

Thought would update I saw the doctor today and am having blood tests just incase xx