Niggling shooting pains.. should I be worried?

Hi everyone!

1B1 adenocarcinoma
Radical hysterectomy Nov 22 - removal of all my pelvic nodes and ovaries - NO SPREAD
3 month check up - ok
6 month check up - due end of may

I have recovered well, however i keep getting ‘niggling’ lower back pain, groin and leg pain. It is not severe and nothing I would go see a doctor about usually. But I am overthinking and obviously focusing on every little thing since my cancer diagnosis.

Could this just be normal? Or something I should be worried about? Would really appreciate responses so I can relax

I would get it checked out. It’s probably nothing but you don’t want to let it go, if only for your state of mind.

Let us know how you are doing xx

—they could always bump up your appointment

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How are you doing?

Hi lovely, believe it or not - they moved my appt to 6th June which is today and they cancelled it again and rescheduled for 11th July. I obviously rang complaining and I’m now in next week. My back pain has cleared mostly, so fingers crossed ! X

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