Niggling pain/discomfort

So I finished Chemo/|Rad/Brachy treatment in July last year and had the all clear the end of October.  I had my 3 month check up last week and I mentioned that I had a little niggle of pain on my right side say where my ovary is.  During my internal check my consultant called a gyne doc in as it seems I have a build up of scar tissue on my cervix where the tumour was (right side).  They were both happy that it was nothing else and I should not worry.  I also bled after sex but again they said it's more than likely because of the radio treatment.

So a week has now passed and I am still getting this niggle my consultant said if I have any concerns in between my 3 month checks I am to call my nurse and they are all there to help.  I guess the worry will never go away and any pain will immediatley make me worry. Think I will call on Monday just don't want to seem like I am worrying over something little but how do I know what it is and I guess they only way they could tell is if i had a scan?



Been thinking about you. How are you getting on? Have you made any progress on this?