NHS Scot Cervical Biopsy Results Time

Hi there
Had an abnormal smear test back in November, got my results in January was booked in for a Colposcopy March 22nd where they took 2 biopsies.
Just wondering what everyone else’s timeline for results looked like? I’m coming up on week 6 and I feel like I’ve been going crazy waiting this whole time. I am so scared.
I’ve had dull pelvic pain since October thats yet to be resolved.

Hi. Im in same situation in scotland! I had abnormal smear in jan amd had colposcopy on 18th april where a biopsy was taken. Ive omly been waiting two weeks and its killin me!! Im so so so worried!! Let me know when u get ur results ao i have an idea! All the best!

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7 full weeks of waiting today. Will definitely pop on and let you know when they’re in. Such a daunting wait.