NHS or Private - follow up

Wondering if anyone out here has gone through or going through this dilemma with NHS.

The nurses and doctors have been absolutely lovely on a personal level at both my GP and hospital, but they seem not to share crucial information which can lead to confusion…

I have had HPV for a long, long time now (at least 4 years) and recently had LLETZ to treat VAIN 2.

After calling and visiting the colposcopy department over 6 months (in the end, I was in tears), I was finally in the hospital ward to have the treatment. (The doctor strikes kept on canceling my appts)

However, whether it will be LEETZ or LEEP depended on which consultant was on duty that day, again due to the doc’s strikes. Very assuring.

After waking up from the general anaesthetic, the surgeon told me to contact my GP in 4 weeks time to have a follow-up test, gave me a piece of paper and left.

So I went. Explaining to the nurse at my GP what I was told and had a smear test done.

The results came through the post after 4 weeks, saying I still have HPV as well as low grade dyskaryosis. I was very confused, since I was given the ‘all clear and treated’ by the hospital a week prior to that.

Turns out to be (as most of you must have noticed) I was NOT supposed to have the smear test done by the GP, and not this early.

After some emotional phone calls, the colposcopy department blamed the GP for messing up with their plans, and the GP blamed the hospital for giving me the wrong information. In the end they both blamed me and neither of them are willing to explain to me what the results of the smear test mean.

I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but who is the patient here who needs care?

After a difficult recovery (and having to fight to get the treatment done in the first place) I am exhausted and not very keen to go back to NHS…

Shall I go Private or wait for another 4 months for NHS’ smear?

I think the whole HPV thing is so massively anxiety inducing. I’ve got health anxiety as a result of this. Have a look at Circle Health’s ‘my way’ insurance. £22/month for up to 10k worth of diagnostic tests and scans. I’ve got this and Bupa together


Thanks for your reply @Brunetteteacher, and I totally agree with you!
Since I was told that I am carrying the virus, I have been thrown into a turmoil.

Will def. check out My Way (https://www.circlehealthgroup.co.uk/myway)

(sharing the quote that I had from the private hospital for reference)

An advance payment to be paid ahead of a face-to-face consultation totalling £250

This is in addition to consultant fees which range from £250-£600


Hi Mono, just wanted to say I can completely relate to how you feel. What a horrible experience you went through! I have also developed major health anxiety since all of this (I think my GP is fed up of me now!).

I had a lletz back in May for CIN2, which I was told that it was ‘completely’ removed. I had my test of cure in November (after 6 months), which came back HPV+ and low grade dyskaryosis. I have been refereed back to colposcopy. Though I have seen some people say, they should wait a year for the test of cure because it can take time for your body to fight the virus! But I can understand it might be difficult to wait another 4 months if you have had an abnormal result again.

I have also been feeling very confused. I feel like nothing has been explained, they didn’t tell me how much of my cervix was removed, so I am worried about any potential further treatment. I have only found information out via very vague letters back and fourth from the GP and felt a lot of Drs have just spoken over me. Unfortunately it seems to be a common experience.

I looked into going private too. I just wanted someone to have the time to sit down and answer my questions. I think I decided to see what happens at the colposcopy through the NHS (they have been great and booked it in quickly). Then if anything comes up to potential speak to a private consultant. It’s just all very expensive!


I know this is such a cliche, but @lucy3 you made me feel that I am not alone. And it means A LOT (at one point, I thought I was losing my mind…)

I am sorry to hear that they called you back for a colposcopy. BUT, you have the date for it, which is something! Waiting to see what the outcome is sounds like a very wise plan to me. Before they start the procedure, maybe you can share your experience of not having any/enough details provided added unnecessary stress on you - hoping they will make the effort (if they can) this time?

Not knowing what is happening and what has been done to your body is SUPER frustrating. Looking back, the £££ for the time and information, might had been worth it …

But it was when I was doing my on-line research on private health care that I came across this forum, which I’m more than grateful for.

We can do this, daily-panty-liners! (that’s how my refer myself to nowadays)

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I am so glad that it helped :heart: Honestly same! I thought I was overreacting about it all. But the whole process is scary, especially when you don’t fully know what’s going on.

Yes, exactly! Fortunately, I have been sent to a different ward this time, so I am hoping to get more reassurance from these Drs. I will definitely tell them my experience and hope they can reassure me or even give me more info!

It’s really a wonderful site. Although sad to see others go through the same things, it makes you feel less alone, and we can help each other!

I love that! We defiantly can, we have got through it so far, and we will keep going. I hope everything goes well with you, please send any updates and if you decide to go private. Sending hugs and positive thoughts :heart:

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