Hi Everyone


This is my first post on this forum, I have done a lot of reading from this site and gained a lot of valuable information, so thank you.

I was recently diagnosed with CC and due to have Lymphnode removal surgery in a week or so.

I did my first round of NHS IVF in March this year and it was not successful, the second round of IVF was scheduled for July, but obvioulsy had to be cancelled due to my diagnosis.

I am very lucky as my dr thinks it is unlikely that I will need any chemo following my surgery.

I have been told by the IVF dr that I will not be allowed to do my second round of IVF for two years, has anyone else had a similiar experience? Or been allowed to do IVF on NHS following treatment?

They say the current guidelines for cancer patients is to wait two years, but if I am fine after surgery it seems strange to wait two years when my husband and I will be another two years older.  We have already been trying for 3 years so unlikely that it will happen naturally.

Best wishes




Hi ive seen uve posted this last year...my situation was i had been trying for a baby for 2 years, then in a routine smear in 2013 i found i had 1b cervial cancer. I had a successful operation in april . my doctor told me i had to wait a year for the all clear..then we could try but because of extra bleeding we had to wait longer. We have just gone through our first lot of ivf now. I hope things have moved on for you too x