Next step hysterectomy

Firstly hello to all you amazing ladies, 

Although I have not been posting, I have been reading all forums and taking some real comfort and excellent advice from everyone.  I apologise if this post will be long but I guess I have quite a bit to say as this has been going on since June.  

I am not new to abnormal smears and high grade changes, I had my first lletz over 16 yrs ago my smears have over the years come back normal with some moderate/mild changes and another bout of treatment about 8 yrs ago after some more high grade changes (I wish I had something like Jo's then, it would have helped)  I was refered last year as I was bleeding after sex and throughout the month, although nothing could be seen, I suppose I knew it wasn't right and when I had my last smear, I sort of knew that finally it would get sorted one way or the other. 

As with most procedures, once I got my letter telling me it was high grade changes, my colposcopy appointment would follow quickly.  All was fine until this point, like I have already said, I am a veteran when it comes to this but OMG, as soon as she had a look around, I could not cope with the pain (any new ladies who are worrying about lletz and reading this, please don't worry, usually they are fine and do not usually bother). She told me that there was a lot of severe lookin abnormalities and that by continuing would hurt me, she advised she would book me up for GA. When I went for my procedure under GA, the consultant told me that the reas on was that I basically had hardly any cervix left (due to previous procedures and that the secerity looked quite large.  The procedure was done and once again, for anyone reading this who is due to have this procedure under GA, please don't worry, it was absolutely fine, I had very little pain and felt myself within a week and had returned to work 2 days after treatment.  Anyway, to cut a long story short (I know I have rambled) now been told test came back inadequate as there was really no cervix to take a sample from and next step is hysterectomy.  I quess I would just love anyone to give me some advice and maybe share there experience. My daughter leaves for university this week so I've been busy dealing with that but I worry that my calmness will pass soon and I will start stressing and getting emotional. 


jules xx

Hi Jules,

sorry to hear you have to have more treatment.

You will probably have keyhole surgery which normally takes

less time to recover from.Lots of ladies on here have had that

done and are all doing well.

Its a scary idea but the reality is not too bad.

Good luck and I hope everything gets resolved and you have a

speedy recovery.

I know that children leaving for uni is a hard time so try and have

something lovely planned to take your mind of everything.

All the best

Becky x

Hi Becky, 

Thanks so much for your reply and words of wisdom.

You've been through so much but it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I really hope all goes well for you.  

My positive thoughts are with you 

Jules x