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Hi everyone..  I went to see my oncologist yesterday.. He was really good and went through my treatment step by step.. He put my mind at ease with just a few words saying 'my aim is to cure you and irridacte cancer for good '.  I will be having 5 weeks of radiotherapy every day and 5 sessions of chemotherapy IE once a week whist having radiotherapy.. After this I will have a further 3 sessions of brachytherpy over a two week period straight after the 5 week... I'm OK with this as I know the end game is to cure me..  I'm just wanting to know what experience any of you lovely ladies have had and what can I expect from side effects and how you felt during treatment and what is brachytherpy like??? I'm now waiting for my planning meeting and he said that it take up to two weeks to get everything sorted out so  I 've been allowed to go on my holiday which was booked last year   Just a few days in the sunshine.. Xxx 

I was very  tired  threw  everything i needed  2 blood transfusion my bloods  were extremely low after treatment for a few  weeks my braccy was  done  as a day  thing  i have  heard of some hospitals  doing it  on a over night stay  on a brachy day i was  put to sleep for bout 45 min why everything  was  inserted then on the first  week  i had a mri i only  had this  on week one  each week to check  it was  all in place  n to see where my bladder  n bowel was i had  a ct scan  then  it was  a waiting  game why  they  planned  it n set up machine  had a nurse sat  with me at all times  she cud give me so.much pain relief  as i needed im not good  with  pain gas n air helped  me i was  very spaced  out then i was  connected to  the  machine  for 15 mins then it  was all removed  they  poured  water down  there  to make  it easier to remove  then n they  let me have  my gas  n air  back  n then  i had to eat something  then  i cud go home  hope this  helped  any  questions  plz ask  xx

Hi lulu,

well there you have it! It's been decided, whew.....

ok, so now you know the plan and a whole new set of questions are invading your mind. Totally normal and with each part of this journey a new set of questions Pop up  

Read through old posts about treatment and you will get so much better of an understanding of the usual side effects and such. 

For the most of us it's the diarrehea that kicks in about 2 weeks into the treatment that is the worst part. Everyone is different so no one can say how you will respond or feel from treatment. The best things to do is write a list of possible side effects and then possible solutions to the issue based on what you read from older posts. Make yourself a little notebook and before treatment starts have on hand the things you might need. 

The best advice I got and I give out now is this!!!

no matter how small or big a side effect is, make sure to tell your team so they can help you, don't be embarrassed or feel bad about making unexpected calls to your nurse. And even in the worst of moments tell yourself you will get through the next 5-6 weeks. 

Now go and enjoy your holidays and forget about your cancer. It'll wait to cause you worry and questions when you get back!!!!


Hi Lulu, 

Glad you got some answers & now know what the plan of attack is!

It sounds as if we'll be having the same treatment, that's what they told me i would be having the 5 weeks of radio/5 chemo and then brachy, but we can TOTALLY do this!! :) i've been worried about side effects and stuff too but i've been reading some of the treatment messages like Lolli888 suggested and i love a list Wink so there's an excuse to go buy a brand new notepad lol.  

So glad to hear you can go enjoy a few days in the sun...Enjoy lovely! Laughing 

Hi Lulu,

So glad your appointment was positive, it is reassuring to hear the word cure especially after the way the mind plays tricks when going through all the tests! When I had my first meeting with my oncologist last week I was even glad there was somebody waiting to speak to me to see if I'd take part in a longitudinal study...I probably wouldnt have wanted to commit myself to taking part in research for years before this but it seemed a very happy prospect to be thinking years ahead! 

Im also really glad to hear you're getting away on holiday although a tad jealous...ive got a holiday booked for June 23rd which is obviously bad timing and going to have to get cancelled, I just haven't got the heart to do it yet! Have a fantastic time, it will do you so much good, recharging your batteries and escaping for a bit xxxx

Hi Kathryn...  Ahh such a shame that you are not able to get away on holiday.. I just timed it right a week either side and I wouldn't be going.. Still struggling to get excited for it though.. But it's definitely a break that my partner and I need... 

Glad you had a positive meeting as well seems to give you a lift and gives you more fight.. 

Sending virtual hugs  xxx 

Hi bumblebee... It does sound like we are going to have same treatment..  It helps knowing that someone else is going through the same as you..  I've got a planning meeting on 01/06 don't know what that involves.. But at least I will get that sorted out before my holiday then I know it will be all systems go..  

Sending virtual hugs xxx 

Hi lollli

Thank you so much for the message...  I've found it really helpful and positive. I've taken on board with the note pad and I'm off to buy me a special pretty one at the weekend.. 


Hiya...  Ahhh thank you for the message.. I've found that really helpful and honest that's what we need....  

Sending hugs xxx 

Aww, you'll be fine once you get there. We managed to get away on a short 8 day break at the end of April which I couldn't get excited for because I wasn't even sure I was going to be allowed to go...I had to delay it last minute by 12 hours as I had my results appointment brought forward by 2 weeks so I prepared myself for hearing the very, very worse case scenario. Obviously cancelling and rearranging new transport was a pain and extra cost which didn't help the situation but once I got there it was as though all my problems disappeared and we had a lovely time.

Btw I've had my appointment date through for my ct scan for next wednesday so will hopefully be given my start date for treatment comes to something when you look forward to going through all that but I just think the sooner I start the sooner I can get on with my life and get another holiday booked!

Have a great time, look forward to hearing about it xxx

That's brilliant that you have your appointment for CT scan.. You will have to keep me updated... Yes I'm the same as you.. I'm actually looking forward to hospital appointment think it's the sooner the appointment the sooner treatment can start.. I'm waiting for my planning appointment. I really hope it's in the next week before I go away as I will be worrying that I'm delaying treatment...  Xxxxx

Hi Lulu, did you see I have my start date for treatment? 12th June...guess I'll have to get round to cancelling my holiday now. What date are you going? I think they realise how important holidays are to our wellbeing so hopefully they'll work around you as much as possible and not let it delay treatment starting xxx

Oh wow 12th June.... Fantastic news.... I'm going on 8th June and back on 13th...  My oncologist said he wants to get planning on before I go so that he can do all his stuff whist Im away then come back and hope to start 19th June.. Xxxx 

That'll be perfect, im sure it'll all go to plan. I know you hear so many nightmare stories about the NHS but they definitely seem to be like a well oiled machine when it comes to cancer. Good to hear your getting signed off work, it is by far the most sensible thing to do, I'm just not very sensible! We'll see how I go though, if I feel rough I definitely won't force myself to go in. 

I've finally started cancelling my holiday now I've got my dates...accommodation in Estonia and Latvia and transport between the 2 countries have been cancelled electronically, quickly and without penalty which was great. I emailed the hotel we were staying in Sweden who got back straight away to say it was ok with them but it's not their booking because I went through Expedia so I need to phone them which I don't want to do. I only needs to lose €35 admin fee on our transport from Sweden to Tallinn (cabin on an overnight ferry) or I can rebook without loss so I'll see what Expedia say before I see if can cancel/postpone all flights or I may as well just claim it all on my insurance (which I'm trying to avoid because of the excess). I did think I could postpone it all by a month or two but my oncologist said I might be better booking something shorter and more relaxing but I'll just see how I feel when I get towards the end of my treatment. 

Oh bless you Kathryn... Your holiday sounded absolutely fabulous.. You must make sure you re book it all once you get the all clear... It will give you something to focus on...  

Yes I have found they don't hang around when it comes to cancer, I've been very impressed with how well they get it done and have to say the Macmillan nurses are just the best...  

I've booked to have my hair done on 1st.. The full works.. One last treat for me before the months of treatment... Xxx 

Enjoy your pampering! I really need to get my hair done asap as it's well and truly overdue a cut thanks to a combination of factors including assuming I'd lose my hair so I think I probably deserve to do the same as you and have the full works done too! 

Btw another part of my holiday has been refunded in full...our flight from Riga to Manchester with Ryanair unbelievably! It was a really simple online form and they sent an absolutely lovely message too....I'll definitely book with them again after that! Xxx

I can't wait to have my hair done... I also thought I'd loose myself hair though chemo.. So left it but when my oncologist told me that I wouldn't.. I was looking appointment... As I know that I won't get it done till the autumn... So you need to get an appointment booked before you start treatment... 

That's fantastic news about the flights... Bet you can't wait to re book...  


Wishing all of you well ❤

I didn't experience many side effects from chemo or radiation. My bloods stayed level all the way through until the very end and I had a few low days. For the most part treatment was a breeze! 

I always took snacks, headphones for music and coloring supplies on chemo days and drank at least 2 litres of water daily (still do). This not only helps with chemo but helps the skin throughout radiation. 

I started doing meditations and also continue with them today. It helps me slow my mind and stay focused on today rather than worry about the outcome.

If you have any concerns big or small be sure to share with your medical team and you always have us ❤

Thank you for the advice and support Boundie... Really want to get treatment started now.. This hanging around makes your mind wander.. It's just the unknown at the moment which is scary..


Thanks for the tips and positivity Boundie...exactly what's needed! Xx