Next stage of treatment - overwhelmed!!

Good morning ladies,

Have not managed to log on recently - annoying problems with the home computer and everytime I tried to post on the i-pad it seemed to have a mind of its own - but it has been great to see a lot of the regulars getting great news over the past couple of weeks.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed over the last couple of weeks it seems letters were arriving daily and then the appointment list for my chemoradiation also came through on the same day I had the longest letter ever  listing all they had done so far with results etc.. and I have to be honest it made me fill like sh*t....

It seems my diagnosis is also different after the pathology results they have now changed my grading from 1a2 to 11a2 and also they have changed it to carcinosarcoma with extensive neuroendocrine differeniation - and nobody thought to tell me this before i had the letter - it also says extensive LVSI and positive lymph nodes ( the lymph nodes I did know about) - this has all left me feeling DIRTY and SOILED.

Anyway back to reality I start my chemoradiation treatment on Mon 15th April for five and a half weeks followed by intravaginal brachytherapy and have been told that because I have already had a extensive hyst just 7 weeks ago my side effects could be worse - so I am after advice from anyone who might have travelled this same journey.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm having a moan but just feeling a bit rubbish mentally with all this at the mo.

Thankyou and lets hope the sun comes out today that always makes me feels better.


Sorry just read that back and it should say from 1b2 to 11a2!!!


Oh you poor thing, you really have been through it, haven’t you?

I’d suggest trying to touch base with your specialist nurse to talk about your path results. Sometimes I think the people who type the letters are a bit clumsy and they don’t make as much sense as they should. It’s up to you, but for me, having things straight in my own mind made it easier to face my treament.

Anyway, there are others on the Forum who can give tips on getting through the next phase, but from me here’s a cyber hug << >> and best wishes for next week and beyond. xxx

Hi nns, hope the first week of treatment is going well and good luck.  If you look at my posts there is one where I asked for some tips on getting through treatment and I got fantastic responses and followed most of the advice. I just got the all clear last week so the treatment really was effective for me and will be for you too.  You'll have good and bad days but we are all here to support you and help you in any way we can, even if you just fancy a rant!!

Take and be kind to yourself...dont suffer in silence on the difficult days

love and positive thoughts


Andrea xx