next smear test in 3 years time ?

Hello ladies, I hope your all well and wondered if anyone could help me out with a couple of questions. I’m over the moon and very grateful that my’test of cure’ has come back clear and HPV negative. I thought my next smear test would be in a years time not three. I did go from a clear smear to CIN 2/3 within 3 years, so a bit worried that it could come back again within 3 years or be worse. Would it be worth paying private for one sooner or am I being silly. Thanks for reading. Xx

I'm still waiting for my Lletz results. But I've already decided I'm having annual private smears if it's all clear (getting ahead of myself...) I went from normal to severe in 3 years and not taking any chances anymore xx

In other countries the do smears every 2years as standard x