Newton Abbot Ladies Day 26th June CANCELLED

Hi all

Does anyone fancy going to this ?

Mellissa xx


Yeh really fancy going, as to make a change just down the road from me :smiley: .
Couldn’t see any prices though, left a message at the race course and still waiting for them to get back to me… :?:


Yes I would really like to go!

I have emailed the race course

Imagine all the Jos girls in posh frocks and hats ! tee hee !

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mellissa x

Its just down the road from me! I’d LOVE to go but I’m working :cry: :cry: :cry: . Will work on my unsympathetic boss and try to wangle something.

Yeah sounds fun have to check with the boys dad if he can change weekends. Be good to meet you all at last.

Can you let me know prices as soon as someone knows please.


I’d love to go, but my out laws are going to be down that week as party of my lastingamonthorso40thbirthdayextravaganza and we’ll probably be going to wimbledon

Z x

Looks like it could be a lot of fun :lol: all of us motley crew at the races :lol: :lol: :lol: and as they are supporting Jo’s how could we not attend, afterall it’s all in a good cause :wink: and we’ll be helping raise some spondolies, double the fun eh :lol:

Hey all

Righteo I called the race course and the tickets for this are £75.00 each and includes a champagne reception ( :lol: :lol: :lol: ) 2 course cold buffet, a talk about betting on horses and a live band)

There are tables of ten but you can book tickets individually, payment needs to be sent within two weeks of booking the tickets…

I think it would be a fab day


ok - am going to see if I can shuffle things

Best start saving those pennies then, those who are interested will you be bringing your other halfs/friends etc?
Will have to doubly save my pennies in that case!!!


Woo hoo! I’m coming!

Have to work out transport etc.

Not bringing hubby as he has to work and out laws are happy to be left to their own devices.

Z x

Hey all

Sounds like a great day out - It starts at 2.00 and the racing is at 6.20 - 8.30 and then theres the live entertainment.

Oh i forgot to mention (blonde moment) that there is a charity Auction and some fashion shows during the day!

Now they do tables of ten so if there are ten of us (??) we can all be on the same table.

Mellissa x

Newton Abbot Racecourse have had to abandon racing due to the course being waterlogged. All tickets that have been purchased will be refunded.