Newspaper Article - Sorry About My Awful Photo!!


For anyone who's interested (or just bored and need a read), a journalist for my local paper asked me if I wanted to do a piece on the Team Sorcha #SmearOnDemand campaign. I said I would and she's written a lovely piece - just please excuse the photo, it was taken at after a night shift and it's not the best!

Just wanted to do my bit to help and I've been overwhelmed with all the messages on Facebook and Twitter I've had from strangers telling me they've booked their smears that they had been putting off, all because of the article. Well, I feel that makes it all worth it for me.

Here it is anyway:

Stay strong and hope you're all doing ok. Lucy xx

Brilliant Lucy! Well done :-)

And a great photo too I'd like to say. Wish I looked that good - ever!

Just edited to add that I have signed the petition as well as Spouseman. Now to get the rest of the family onto it :-)

Hi Lucy!

It's not an awful photo - you're looking good for someone who's done a night shift! :) Well done for doing the article. I've signed the petition and I've even shared the article on Facebook, which is something I never do. I wasn't even sure how to do it at first. ;) I can only begin to imagine what it must be like to have your GP say you need a smear and for the lab to refuse to do the work. I know it's happened to quite a few people on this forum. It needs to change.

Kirsty xx

Hi hon,

great job! I've signed the petition too, thanks to your post, and hopefully lots more of us on here will do the same and get the numbers pushed up. 


Molly xxx

Thanks everyone, I feel very privileged to get to share that with you on here as you l understand the emotions behind it. 

There's two articles in the actual paper tonight one on page 3 (haha get me, page 3 girl lol) and then the full big one on the ladies page towards the back. 

Thank you for your positive comments. Love to you all, Lucy xx

Great article Lucy. And great photo! Would hate to be standing next to you on a good day!