newly undiagnosed

Sorry didn't really know where else to post this but I am driving myself mad trying to anaysle every word the Doc said and every word on my letter!  

Background - Been up to date with smears, but actually never got the results. Made the assumption if there was something wrong 'they' would let me know. So no idea what my last smear (2 yrs ago said). Stupid now i realise. 

Had the contraceptive implant and started getting constant bleeding, Doc said common side effect after 2 yrs so had it removed. Spotting stoppped for a bit. Started having spotting inbetween periods more regularly for about 6 months.  I find tampax that expand length ways uncomfortable so started using lillets that expand sideways.  Always had trouble with my bits so assumed it was just my odd shape. (child birth and attempts at coil fitting failed due to left lying, back, tilted cervix, i know odd that i can verbally direct a nurse to it)

Spotting gets worse and ranges from red/brown/blackish.  Definatley not a discharge and doesn't smell.  Periods got heavier, headaches, dizzy spells, back pains, pelvic period type pains, feel sick and feel bloated and full even if I don't eat much (put i haven't lost weight). I'm currrently 39 so thought maybe it was early menopause. 

Went to the Dr on Monday. Jnr Dr failed to find the Cervix but did get a swab full of blood which she said she would send for testing. She then had another go but said she would go and get another Snr Dr to check she had got it right. Snr Dr came, found cervix and said 'pass me a swab i want to see if thats a Polyp or blood' she poked something that hurt. There are now 2 Dr's shinging a light and peering at my undercarriage.  Shame hits and I fail to ask any questions!  EG What did you see!

Snr Dr then tells me to get dressed and said (i think) We need to find out whats going on, you hit all the criteria for an urgent referal and I think it's best to get all the tests done straight away. She then handed me a tissue, knelt in front of me and said (i think) the letter will say Cancer and it's for our 2 week refereal but I'm not saying that's what I've seen. We can't see the Cervix properly and they will be able to have a good look.  

She then left and being very british I could see the Jnr Dr was uncomfortable so didn't want to make her say the C word and wasn't really concerntrating enought to ask what the tests would be or if they thought there was a possibility it was Cancer. 

I get a call the next day apologising that the earliest appointment is not till Weds (next wk).  So I've already had 3 days of makign myself now feel really ill with worry, over googling and over anylsing. 

The letter says One Stop Gynea Clinic. I've googled the Dr and he is a specailist Gynae Oncologist. I have no idea what tests are going to be done. I've told my husband not to come with me as I will feel a fool if it's something simple and not sure I want him to see me with my legs akimbo having a smear type procedure. 

Since the Dr poked me I've had terrible pains in my pelvis and the bleeding has been worse.  I feel sick and full all the time.

So my questions are - 

Do we think the Dr saw Cancer cells?

what might I expect on weds?

Should I ask husband or friend to come with me?

Will they tell me there and then or will they do tests and send it off?

Is the Pelvic aches and pains normal?

How do I do what I know should be doing which is not second guessing and not worry until we know what is wrong?

Ok I can't cut and paste so I hope this makes sense.

Question 1. Possibly. She saw something that concerns her. will probably has a colposcopy. Just like a smear but they look thru a magnifier.if they need to they will do biopsy
3. What do you think you’d prefer. I wanted someone with me. Not for the actual exam but the journey and the waiting.4 I was told there and then. But my tumour was large enough to see. Others have to wait for lab results. Of course others are told it’s not cancer!!5. Pass 6 If we knew the answer to that we’d all be happier!

Good luck. Let us know how you got on.

Thank you 365 for the advice and understanding. I will prepare myself for a colposcopy then. The wait at the hospital might be nicer with a friend you are right. I feel better having expressed my concerns as my husband is away this wkend and I didn't want to burden him. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond and I hope you have a good weekend. 

Woo! This sounds like fun!

Having someone with you can help a great deal when it comes to asking pertinent questions, which is often difficult to do for yourself if you have just been given some news that has startled you.

It's great that you have a one-stop-gynae clinic, and since there is one of those it is bound to be staffed by oncologists as well as midwives. Now they aren't going to make you an appointment with a midwife now are they.

You stop Googling, you find a load of films you like to watch, a bottle of wine and settle in for a cosy self-indulgent weekend where you don't have to think about anything at all outside your own front door.

Be lucky!


Good advice Tivoli - there will be a film and wine on the cards tonight for sure. The cramps have eased today too so ive been able to keep busy and not think about it.