Newly diagnosis scared about staging

Hi, I've been a member for a while but I've not wrote here as I've been dealing with being newly diagnosed, but I can total sympathies with what you are going through and feeling. Ive just turned 28 and in March I had a smear after some symptoms that came back normal. After abdominal ultrasound in August my GP was still insisting it was hormonal but I demanded to see a specialist. 11th Nov the gynaecologist said he was certain it was cancer. Since then I have had MRI, PET scan, fertility treatment and egg collecting, but no matter what pain I've been in I haven't been as low as when I was waiting to find out my results of staging. I thought I was minimum a 2b as I was having bladder and back pains, with slight loss of bladder control. But turns out I have a 7cm 1b grow that, due to its size is pushing on other areas causing these symptoms. Now I might be having an op on Monday to move my ovaries over, radiotherapy planning scan on 24th Dec and then starting 5th Jan I will be having 28 radio sessions (daily) with a weekly chemo (6 sessions of Cisplatin) followed by 3 internal radio. I can't wait to start treatment!! But honestly there's nothing worse than the waiting game of not knowing. Try and keep busy, listen to your body when it needs to rest and don't dwell on what you don't know yet or can not change. I just went prepared with some questions for when I found out my result but stay off of google!!xx

Hi Tara,

Goodness you've been through a lot lately! Thank you so much for adding your recent perspective on this whole merry-go-round, it's incredibly helpful. I'd just like to wish you all the very best for your forthcoming treatment and that I found drinking liquid aloe vera every day helped to minimise some of the side effects of radiotherapy.

Do let us know how you get along during treatment as treatment diaries seem to be a wonderfully helpful tool for women a few steps behind you.

Go well


Thank you all so much. These posts are really helping. 

had a slightly better day today. Spoke to my CNS who said it's not uncommon to have bladder pain and it doesn't necessarily mean it's spread etc. she's helped my medication a bit and I don't feel so sick now. 

have only cried once today so that's good. 


I had my appointment this morning after MRis and they've staged it at either 1b or 2a - I need an EUA on Monday to confirm which it is and what treatment or surgery it is. I'm relieved it's not progressed further and he's confidant the outcome will be positive but I'm scared of whats to come. Right now, I'm exhausted. Christmas 2 weeks were appalling, no sleep, little food, sickness and worry :-(

Hi Bella

At least you have a pretty definite staging now and it won't be long before it can be confirmed and details of your treatment will be decided and confirmed.  Believe me this is the worst part that you are going through now and I can fully understand the no sleep, little food, sickness and worry - most of us were the same but unfortunately you had a lousy time of the year to cope with it.

That's good that they are confident the outcome will be positive so keep trying to focus on that.  You will understandably be scared right now but once the treatment starts the fear seems to lift, don't know how or why but from personal experience that really does happen.

We'll all be here to help and support you so you won't have to face it alone and you will have lots of good advice to help you cope.  Wishing you lots of luck for Monday, let us know how you get on.



Big hugs from me Bella.

the waiting is the worst, you will feel more positive when you know what your treatment plan is, so hopefully things will move quickly now.

Molly xxxxxx

Hi Bella,

Just adding my support here, Cheryl and Molly have said it all.

Be lucky :-)


Big hugs from me too, Bella!

Once I knew my treatment plan I calmed down considerably. I focused on preparing myself for treatment and that gave me a real sense of control. It was spinach smoothies, brisk walks and lists of things that would be useful to have in my hospital bag. ;) I felt like I was managing Project Me again!

Hope the EUA goes well!

Kirsty xx