Newly diagnosed

On 22/12/15 I was diagnosed with cc,
I started bleeding heavy having clots in May 2015 went to my doctors and sent me for ultra sound and bloods I was slightly anemic and scan showed fibrosis, my GP suggested I had a Coil fitted! Which I didn’t want, my bleeding seemed to stop so I carried on, then the bleeding came back in October this time it was very bad went GP who was going to fit the coil only I was very anemic she didn’t want to so I was referred to specialst who were going to remove the fibrosis but while having this my cervix was bleeding and he told me I needed a hysterectomy and took two biopsys which my results came back three days before Christmas
I am waiting for my MRI and scope to see if it has spread! This week has been the longest of my life any help or support would be great full
I have three beautify boys and a great husband
Thank you

Hi. I just wanted to send you love and support for what you are going through. This is a horrible time for you.

I felt a bit better once I had been staged and then better again once I had my treatment plan.  I'm just waiting now for my treatment to start.

I'm not going to tell you not to worry because I think that's impossible.  I found reading this forum really helpful, lots of ladies with positive experiences can help talk you through things and hopefully make you realise there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Post your questions and thoughts as often as you want. Even if you don't get any answers it will help you to get your thoughts off your chest x 

Thank you for your kind comments x

Hi, I know how your feeling about where your cancer is at but I am waiting to see if my treatment has worked - I have advanced cc.

ive got one scan booked for the 4th and another for the 25th! Need bring it forward as I've fini my treatment in October so I can't wait until February to find out!

good luck with your news x

Hey honey I know full well how you feel, I was diagnosed 26th nov and I will never get the rollarcoaster ride I’m still on but I have also found that once the scans,EUA ( staging) has been done you do feel slightly better, its the unknown the waiting for results its awful and the night time/when I wake up was my lowest point and cried a lot. This forum will give you lots of support so please do use it, I’m 10 days post hystermectomy and feeling great, the first week is by far the worst.
Big big hug

Hi Claire :-)

So glad you've found us but sad that you have needed to. It sounds as though you have a super all-male family and I hope you will enjoy being a part of this vast almost-all-female family too. Everything the others above has said is true so there's nothing for me to add just a great big hug and to let you know that this disease is more of a problem for the mind than it is for the body.


Be lucky :-)