Newly diagnosed

Hi there I was diagnosed with having adenosquamous cell carcinoma on the 21st January.  I was told over a telephone call as I was living abroad.

I returned home and had my first meeting with the doctor yesterday. I also had an examination which he said shows that it would appear the tumour is of a fair size (can be seen without a microscope) But Iit doesn't appear to have spread. I have my MRI scan next Wednesday which will give them all sthe information they need to proceed. I am absolutely terrified and having only lost my mum 3 months ago to secondary breast cancer, I can't quite believe this is happening.  I am only 27 with no children. I just want to talk to others in a similar situation. 

GGrrr just lost post I'd written.


I was daignoed 18th Dec so I'm a month 'ahead' of you.

It is a very scary time. It is full of uncertainties and I felt like I was being whoosed along on a tidal wave to an unknown destination.

Having to deal with it so soon after losing your Mum must be awful.

Feel free to PM me any qyestions you may have. I have been asking questions to a person who is a month or so 'ahead' of me treatment wise and it is very helpful. No question too silly believe me.

My blog has a post all about the MRI scan which you may like to read to get an idea of what to expect (You may choose to go in without any knowledge) your call!!

All the best




Hi Cheryl and Julia

I know that this is such a difficult time for you both. Those first few weeks and months go by in an agonising blur!! I promise though that once you've had the MRI you'll know more about what you're dealing with and what the treatment will be. It somehow seems much better once you know what you're facing. It's always the unknown and the uncertainty that makes it so difficult. I know for you Cheryl this must be so hard after losing your mum so recently too.

Hang on in there, just put one foot in front of the other and remember to breathe! The ladies on Jo's will be here to help you through it :-)


Hi Cheryl,

You may have already read my recent posts in which case you will know my partner is currently at a similar early stage. I can't claim to truely understand how you must be feeling any more than I can with my own partner - but I can relate to the feelings of fear and anxiety - all made so much worse by the waiting and the uncertainty about what is to come. It's all too easy to expect the worst and we are trying hard to remain calm, not to spend too much time over-analysing everything (I have learnt google is not always your friend in this respect!), and to take the positives if you can call them that (it has certainly made us re-evaluate what is really important to us in life and that is certainly not a bad thing).

One of the hardest things I have found is not really feeling able to talk to anyone. I've told my colleague who I work with on a daily basis, and my boss, as I needed to arrange time off at short notice to accompany my partner to see the consultant tomorrow, and both have been very understanding and supportive, but neither is in a position to really understand what either of us are feeling and that can leave you feeling quite isolated.

This forum has been great in that respect. I've taken a lot of comfort in reading other peoples stories and experiences as this helps give some perspective and makes you realise you are not alone and that this is the start of a journey and not the end.

I really feel for you - having lost you mum so recently must make this all the more difficult. I hope the forum will help provide some reassurance for you as well - even if only in knowing you are not alone and by providing a place where you can talk freely about how you are feeling.

Kind regards,

Hi Cheryl

Just wanted to echo what was said above. Right now you must feel terrified but I promise it will get easier as you get further into your treatment plan. Somehow knowing what comes next gives you the strength to get through it all.

Try not to let the fear overtake you and stay focused on the next step. You can and will get through this. Talk to whoever you can and take all the support you are offered. You will find that life does return to ‘normal’ eventually, normal may be a bit different but it will still be good.

A year out of my treatment, I am still scared the cancer will return but I have learned to manage that and make sure I enjoy life as much as I can. You will get there too.

Take care and stay strong


The treatment is very good was whay my oncologist said to me and she was right.  I had stage 2B so they did not do a hysterectomy

as tumour too big/would not get a clear margin of tissue.  Had radiotherapy x 2 28/chemo x 5 and the internal brachy radiotheraoy

Was meant to have 6 chemos but they gave me penicillin (which I am allergic) by mistake for a suspected chest infection that they

then said was clear)  I had an alleric reaction to the next chemo session and they said my immune system recognised the chemo as part of the cocktail so did not give

the coc

Hi Chez

I hope the MRI went ok today. I hate those horrible things,  I have had 3 MRIs over the last year and you soon get used to it.

Waiting for results is definitely the worst part. Try and concentrate on staying healthy and looking after yourself. Look at healthy eating and turn your attention to that and try try try not to worry.

I had a radical trachelectomy with lymphnode removal last year (basically removing the cervix and keeping everything else) - im 31 with no kids - so if you have are facing that option then i'm your gal.

Please try to stay positive and we are all here for you if you need advice, support or just a good old rant!


Hi everyone,

I am Penny and was also diagnosed on Jan 21st stage2b, never had an abnormal smear and had them all on time!

The waiting for treatment to starts really frustrating, I just want to get on with it.  I will be having Chemo along with external and internal radiotherapy.

 Had my mapping scan and my tattoo marks done on Monday and have been told that treatment may not begin for another 2/4 weeks.

Is this the usual time frame?



I was diagnosed with stage 2b in nov 2003 so a bit rusty but the timescales sound similar.  The worst part is the waiting/told me

I would feel better when the treatment starts which I did/had a focus/daily routine from Mon-Fri at least.  I personally found the

treatment OK went shopping most afternoons/felt a bit tired towards the end of the 6 weeks RT/Chemo but nothing major. 

Good luck with your treatment


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