Newly diagnosed.


I just wondered if anyone had been through a similar process as I am going through now, I'm 56 postmenopausal

In 2019 I had an abnormal smear in that it was HPV Positive and I was advised to have yearly smears. 
Through out 2019 I had intermittent bleeding after intercourse, so I went to my GP times and got referred. They didn't know why I was bleeding so put it down to a one off post menopausal bleed. 
The bleeding continued so 4 weeks ago I was referred on a 2ww saw the consultant, nothing abnormal on scan or examination except bleeding. Advised to have radical hysterectomy as it was deemed abnormal to bleed.

Had hysterectomy 2 weeks ago then went back to follow up and was told nothing was seen but histology has shown adenocarcinoma stage not yet known. I've had n MRI today to check lymph nodes.

Im really really worried 

Newly diagnosed 


I just wanted to offer you my support. You will see from my history that it is not exactly the same as yours but I would like to say that the Jo's trust helpline is very helpful if you're having a wobble & the MacMillan website & helpline is also very useful. 

I am 55 and they are still trying to work out if I am post menopausal!