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Hi Ladies! Let me introduce name is Lucy, i am a 25 year old mother of 4. Early December I went in for a papsmear because I had been having tons of abnormal bleeding during sex and sometimes just because. I stayed cramping most days out of the month and my stomach was always bloated and tender. The pap came back abnormal which I didn't stress much over because I've had them before and was always told it was lowgrade CIN and my body would fight it off. I would always follow up 6 months later and it would be normal. I had a colposcopy January 20th and my Dr called this past Tuesday to have me come in to discuss my results. I went in Wednesday morning and she told me 2 of the biopsies I had taken were severe dysplasia and the other 3 (including scraping from the cervical canal) came back cervical cancer. She sat me up for a CT scan and an appointment with Oncologist for February 8th. My CT scan showed a prominent cervix with center hypodensity consistent with cc. My Dr didn't tell me anything other than that, she said my new Dr would discuss staging and treatment. From everything I have read, it seems MRI or PET scans are usually performed to diagnose staging. Is this something I will have done or will the Dr soley rely on the CT scan? I guess I just feel like a CT checks for masses or tumors while MRI and PET actually see into the tissue and can see cancer cell activity. I will say, I feel so very blessed that I have already had my beautiful family so hysterectomy wont hurt my feelings too terribly much other than possible side effects. It seems February 8th cant get here soon enough and I feel I have nobody to ask questions to since Im in between doctors. Thanks for any and all replies!!!

Hi Lucygurl. You seem to be handling the news well. I'm guessing with 4 children you're pretty chilled. So many things happen from here and it's a real learning curve. Hopefully a bit of surgery will do the trick and you'll get back to your normal life in no time. Wishing you kuck Jayne

Hi Lucy 

sorry to hear about your diagnosis but rest assured you have found the right place to be. 

There are two steps in the staging of cc.  One is the clinical examination which will most likely be on the first visit to your oncologist on the 8th of feb. Be prepared they will exam you up front and back passage.

The second is a scan staging. MRI , chest xray and PET.  sometimes you will get your stage at the clinical and the scans just confirm and other times the scan might change the stage. 

Do try not to panic as cc is very curable and hopefully you will get through the waiting in the next week without too much anxiety  

all the best, do let us know how you make out  you are not in this alone'



I had a mri n pet scan  but i know all different areas  work different  it so  nice to see you coping well i always said  i dint  want more kids but knowing  my treatment  can stop it makes  me feel upset  as it was  taken out  of my control glad to  see you taking things  well it all helps if u have  a suppottive family x

Hi Lucy :-)

Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the circumstances but you seem to be taking it all in your stride so congratulations for that. From now on ask all your questions either here, or with your team, Never Google! I am the resident old bag :-) almost 56, no children, cured of cervical cancer five years ago. Where I am it was all CT scans, X-rays and the delightful barium enema, not an MRI nor a PET scan to my bow.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for all the quick replies! I have googled so much information lately that I feel I am in medical school ha! My family is very supportive but also worried. I'm due to get married this September so I'm hoping I am well by then to do so! I have read over and over again my Ct result and I've tried picking apart every single word to understand better. I just might die of waiting til the 8th :(. Was anyone else sort of disgusted with their body after diagnosis? I don't even want to think about shaving down there or sex...makes me queesy. 

I hate my body  my body repulses me glad im not the  only one there 

Good luck Lucy. I hope everything goes smoothly for you x

Just checking on you to see how everything went.