Newly diagnosed with CIN2

In March 2017 I had a colposcopy and biopsy done. Two weeks later I was called back for 2 more biopsies as the first one was too shallow. Today I received a copy of the letter sent to my GP where the gynaecologist indicates “unexpectedly the results have shown high grade changes” and that I need to go back next week to discuss the need for treatment. At the bottom of the letter it states “Smear: ASC-H and biopsy: CIN2 at 1 o’clock”
What does this all mean? Would the further need for treatment be the LLETZ? Is there other treatment possibilities?

I am feeling so overwhelmed at the moment. Wish the dr would rather have phoned me than send me a copy of the letter addressed to my GP.

Hi Liz,

'ASC-H' means that abnormal changes on the surface cells of your cervix were detected at your smear test, and the 'CIN-2' is a physical confirmation of this same result - meaning they saw these changes under the microscope when they looked at your tissue biopsy sample. '1 o'clock' refers to the location of the abnormal cells on the cervix or the specimen, I believe. But basically it all means that your tests confirm what your gynaecologist has stated, so the results are consistent. Try not to fret, though - this is very treatable. There is great support and information available on this website.

For high grade cell changes they do prefer to treat, yes, and LLETZ seems to be the preferred method. I had one this done last week and didn't feel a thing, it was over in about 10 mins. If you aren't comfortable with the idea of a LLETZ, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about other treatment options that might be available to you. :)