Newly diagnosed-what to say to son

Hello I'm 26 and was diagnosed with locally advanced cervical cancer last week. I've got to have chemo radio and brachytherapy and just wondered what people have told their children. He's 5 and quite clever, all I've said so far is that my tummy is poorly but I don't want him to worry. Sorry I also wondered if anyone has had ovarian transposition and how it went for them.  Thank you everyone xxx

My eldest is 10 so we told  her  the truth my step daughters r 8 so we just  told them  im poorly n need medicine  every  day to make  me better n told  them i was  tired  cuz of all the  traveling  it  worked  r us here  if u need  Any More  advice 

Hi, my little boy is 9. I have 2 girls that are 20 and 24 too. I explained to boy that I had cancer. I explained that although it could be cured that this could be long and might make me sick for a while. I'm in the process of recovering from a radical hysterectomy, so he knows I'm sore from that. I've just had results from lymph nodes back and I need further treatment for chemo/rad. I've now told him that mummy needs more medicine to make me better and that this medicine makes mummy sick and tired. If he has questions he just asks and I try no be s honest as I can. They're not stupid and they can sometimes overhear conversations on the phone so u don't want him to worry too. Goodluck with your journey


i personally think it depends on the child and the age. Some children don't seem to get stressed out or worry as much as others. I believe that being as honest as you can about what is happening is the best route. Obviously taking into account what he can understand. It's ok to be scared or sad sometimes in front of children it teaches them that it's ok to have a good cry or that emotions are a normal part of human nature. You know your child best, give him an opportunity to also learn from this by telling him how much you love when he helps you feel better by giving you hugs and such. 

Everyone in my house has learned so much from my cancer. 

all the best


i told my two children, daughter aged 7 and son aged 13. I debated over my daughter but she was too clever and knew about cancer from a child being diagnosed  at school. They know that I have to have an operation to get it out and I will be out of action for a while. They have taken it well and have been really quite good abo it. I also told their teachers at school to help look out for them and my daughter has found that she can talk to her teachers if she is ever feeling worried. Do what you feel is right. I simplified mine so that there's not a lot of detail. Good luck xxxx