Newly diagnosed,treatment to start tomorrow.

Hi everyone I’m new here and have been debating for a couple of days if to post. I’m 32 and have just been diagnosed with 1b2 cc. Most days I cope ok but every so often reality seeps in a little bit more. I have the odd wobble and have had a couple of panic attacks but they have subsided for now although they come without warning! (Horrible they are) Anyway I’m due to start my treatment tomo-25 radio,5 chemo and 2 brachy. My chemo day will be a weds. It’s all a little overwhelming.
Sorry for rambling I tend to do that when I’m nervous.
April x

Hi April,

I started my treatment last Monday (8th Fb) and so far have felt okay. A little bit tired some days and a little bit moody too. I'm 1b1 and have to have 25 Radio, 6 Chemo and 4 Brachy so know that I'm early days with treatment side effects but fingers crossed that they're not too bad....trying to take each day as it comes.

Hope everything goes well for you....keep us up to date if you can x

Hi. Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you so far and hope that it continues that way! I am definitely with you on taking each day as it comes. It's a roller coaster! Someone I know mentioned applying cream as soon as you start radio as you can become quite sore? Did you find this?

thanks again

April x


I had my first review with radio nurse last Fri and she said that I should now be applying moisturiser twice a day, from belly button to tops of thighs/back/front and all around. I've not started yet but have bought Acqueos (spelling?) cream which she said would be fine....I'll start applying it tomorrow night x

There's so much to remember and take in its mind boggling! And all the letter and appointments too. I will be sure to invest in some cream :-) x


Hi. I've recently finished 4 weeks of chemoradiation.  I have done a little blog on here under the title

Finally started treatment. 

I found it more than doable.  A few side effects but nothing too drastic.  I know not everyone has been as lucky but hopefully you will find it easier than you think x 

Good luck X 

Thanx philleepa. Ive just had a little nosey and made a few notes. You're truly inspiring! if I can be just a bit like you ibe more than happy. Sometimes I think I'm too positive and haven't quite taken it all in properly? If that makes sense? 

Thankyou x

Yes definitely. Sometimes I feel so positive and even sometimes think yes I am definitely going to  get the all clear but then I come tumbling down and think 'but maybe not'.

It's hard. The Dr's say I'm curable as I'm sure they did for you so that's what we need to focus on. What can ho right rather than what can go wrong .

I am glad I have been inspiring, I didn't set out to be, I just wanted to take away the fear of the unknown for people. I know I have been incredibly lucky with my treatment and I hope that my luck can be passed on to future ladies going through their treatment. 

Hi April :-)

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your treatment. As has been said, we all manage differently not only with the treatment but also with the emotional side. I found that I coped well with the treatment but that the reality hit me several months later. It was a year after diagnosis that I finally went for counselling.

Be lucky :-)

How are you doing ?