Newly diagnosed - symptoms??

Hi all - I was diagnosed with CC on Tueaday of this week and things are moving nice and quickly towards a treatment plan, which is reassuring, Ive got another meeting with doc next Tuesday afternoon to discuss what stage its at and how they plan to treat it, however in the meantime Im really stressing msyelf out, overthinking everything, convincing myself I can feel pain that has obviously only come on since tuesday! I really hope its early stage but my smear had always been clear so the news has come as a huge shock!! The thing that worries me most is I had a post coital bleed once last summer, my hubby and I had recently miscarried so we put it down to that, everything settled down and it hasnt happened since! We had another miscarriage late october, after which my periods have been irregular and really heavy!! Im now super worried that its probably been in there for years and years and will be advanced and tricky to treat! I have a 3 year old little boy i need to be here for for many more years yet, so just wondering if anyone else was diagnosed after symptoms started to show? And if so what sort of stage? Have you had treatment and has it worked? Quite honestly teary and terrified today!! Thanks ladies xx

Hi MrsM3005

I too was diagnosed with cc on Tuesday, had a PET on Thursday and am seeing the consultant on Tuesday of this week.

The only symptom I had was spotting between periods, my smears had been clear up until this one.

Last Tuesday I was told I was Stage II but this could change after the PET results, hope it doesn't!

The proposed treatment plan is 25 external radiotherapy sessions, 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy under general anaestheti.

I am in a stage of pure bewilderment, even though I am having tests and attending appointments it is like it is all for somebody else!

Whatever happens it is all treatable and i am going to do my best to remain calm and focused on getting well.

Please let me know how you get on.

wendym xx


Hi both

I am also in a similar position. I was diagnosed with CC on Monday last week.

I've had no symptoms at all and all smears have been clear so I understand what you are going through. It's really hard to accept when you feel fine? ( are you sure you've got the right person!?) I think we are all incredibly strong and this part is the absolute worst, waiting around to get all the facts when you've been told you've got CC.

I have also been thinking things like this at times (do I have pain here, does it mean it's spread here etc) and I think my mind is playing tricks on me.

From what I've seen on here it seems to be a relatively slow growing C, so I am keeping finger's crossed for all of us for a rapid treatment plan and recovery. Wishing you both the best of luck and stay in touch on here.

Also - not sure where you are located geographically?  I'm in SW London

Best wishes


Sorry just remembered something else. My best friend's mum had CC a couple of years ago. She had symptoms for a long time but it took them a while to diagnose CC as she was on 5 year smears rather than 3 ( as she was over 50). She was late stage 2 with a large tumour and has been successfully treated and now she is doing fantastic! She had 6 weeks of chemo/rad and it got everything


Wow, that is so helpful and reassuring to know! Im feeling super nervous and anxious today so that is just what I needed to hear this morning, thank you so much! How are you doing?? Big hugs xx

You are very welcome. It's awazing how many positive stories there are on here as well.

Let me know how you are getting on.

I'm ok thanks, need to wait another week for more facts and have my MRI on Weds so trying to keep calm and carry on for another week with plenty of distractions as there is nothing I can do for the moment. Having said that it's easier said than done and have wobbles and very anxious moments most days. It's like time stands still for us but carries on for everyone else.

Best of luck and let me know how you get on - we can do this!!



Hi Ladies

i was diagnosed stage 2B this week after MRI and CT scan. I am seeing the Oncologist on Thursday to plan treatment. Feeling very anxious about the treatment ahead. Hope you guys are ok,

we can beat this together 


Hi All

Thank you for posting

PET confirmed no lymph involvement so Stage 2b remain, I'm very relieved!

My treatment plan is 28 external rad, 5 chemo (cisplatin) and 3 brachy with spinal anaesthetic 

starting Wed 12 April.

i go for my ct mapping with contrast on Thursday.

i am ready to just start the treatment and deal with any side effects as and when they appear.

i am having my treatment in Cork, Ireland.

Please keep in touch with your progress, it will be comforting to share and not feel that I am not the only one going through it!!


Jan 2015 clear smear

March 2017 smear showed cc, colposcopy confirmed presence of large tumour on cervix

March 2017 MRI and PET confirm findings, Stage 2b

Treatment starting 12 April



Hi Mrs M,

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Re your question, I had one of the symptoms for at least 18 months before I was diagnosed (at the time I didn't realise it was a symptom of cervical cancer) and I was just staged at 1b so even if you've had some symptoms for a while, it does not necessarily mean that the cancer will be at a later stage. I see it said everywhere that this type of cancer is slow growing so fingers crossed that they have caught it early and will be able to treat it easily.

I hope your doc appointment today went well.


Thanks so much for your input!! Well, im at stage 1b1 but they think they may have got all the cancer in my biopsy! But lots of pre-cancerous cells in there and while MRI is clear they cant guarantee its not developing elsewhere already so its a radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal for me! Relieved and sad at the same time but the alternative doesn't bear thinking about!! Xx

Hiya ladies, I got diagnosed in 2015 at 25 years old after my first smear test. I have 4 children and was devastated. I had absolutely no symptoms what so ever! The worst part for me was the limbo in between getting diagnosed and finding out what stage and a treatment plan etc. I had a hysterectomy and lymph node removal and was in remission in July 2015. Please remember that if you ever need reassurance or someone to talk to to talk to your Macmillan nurse :) They are AMAZING! Keep strong and keep going ladies! You have got this! :) If you need to talk you are always free to message me :) 

I completely agree Doodlebug, the waiting is absolutely horrendous and by far one of the worst parts, the not knowing was driving me mad and in the space of a week, while waiting for staging and treatment plan, I had convinced myself that I wasnt going to be around to see my little boy grow up! I dont think ive ever been so anxious in my whole life, and it took its toll on the people around me too including hubby, getting the staging was almost a relief and last night I slept properly for ths first time in weeks! Starting to pull myself together a bit now and focussing on getting fit and organised for surgery, just need to take each step at a time now! Xx

HI ive just found out on monday and im terrified, i keep thinking the worst. I had a ct scan and my doctor and the lady who did the biopsy seemd to think it hadnt spread. Would they tell me that if it had? Im driving myself crazy thinking what stage it is at. They said it had been there for about three years and that it was about the size of a grape, is this really big? has anyone had experience of this. Thank oyu

Hi Jennyyy, 

ibhave just read your post and fell slightly relieved. I have had Boispy done and CIN3 confirmed and awaiting treatment... Whilst I know there is a possibility that I don't have CC I have already prepared myself for the worst... Reason being - I went for my routine smear a month ago result was severe amnormalities went for biopsy... After some research as I was terrified from my result I then realised I have had signs/symptoms for possibly 2 years - Very heavy discharge none smelly most day quite slimy after going to the toilet or after the bath sometimes... Plus bleeding inbetween periods... I also have had a horse voice for 8 weeks now and awaiting an ENT appointment to look into that but I am so concerned that the cancer could be spread all over me as I believe it could be in my throat... I am in a super anxious state, not able to sleep eat appetite gone, can't work out if that is stress or a symptom... Please can I ask you what your symptoms were that you were having..?? 

I hope your treatment goes well and you make a speedy recovery and this never happens again to you or any of us...!! 

Bekah. xxx