Newly diagnosed stage 1

I've been reading everyone's stories over the past few days and there is so many brave women out there - no matter how scared and anxious we all feel we are brave. 


I've just been diagnosed with cervical cancer this week (Tue) I'm 27. 


I started having what I thought was bladder problems which went on for a few weeks until I went to the doctor who said it was probably a urine infection prescribed antibiotics and pessary for thrush and asked me to hand in a sample. I took the antibiotics then pessary , I was still having symptoms and had bleeding after taking pessary. I phoned my doctor who asked me to come in for a high vaginal swab and to redo my smear as it had came back that there wasn't enough cells from my last smear just a few months before. I started bleeding as soon as the nurse started the examination and knew it was more bleeding than I had ever experienced before. She then wanted the doctor to examine me, again more bleeding and parts of tissue came away during examination. She then told me she wanted to refer me to the hospital for a colposcopy. 


I'm very lucky that through work I am receiving private medical care, I was seen by gynae doctor two days later who took biopsies (again more heavy bleeding) and bloods sending them off urgently. He sent me for an urgent MRI scan as well. I went back on Tue just passed where he told me it was stage 1 cancer -I'm unsure of what grading yet. He says treatment will probably be through radiotherapy or maybe hysterectomy but results go to a panel who decide what is best. He says I won't ever have kids. He also told me of me one of my lymph nodes would be of 'interest' to these doctors and they may want to send me for a PET scan. I will find out on Thursday what treatment will be. 


I have been surprisingly ok after finding out the news, I guess I am a very practical person who just wants to deal with things head on and I have to stay positive and keep up my strengths for whatever is to come. But reading all these other stories by extremely brave women reassures you that you're not alone. 


All support, hints/tips and comments are greatly appreciated!


I am a 1B1 lady. I was diagnosed on august 21st. I am having a hysterectomy on October 15th. You sound like you are receiving really good medical care so you are right to stay positive. I had an MRI and then I had an internal examination under anaesthetic. The referral to the panel is completely normal. This is the MDT team where basically all the relevant specialists sit round a table and review your case and decide the best course of treatment. 

The key for me has been staying busy - even when I really wanted to throw the quilt over my head and stay in bed! I have continued going to work and I have lots of lovely friends and family who keep me busy. I have also made lots of plans for after my op and recoverY. At first I felt like my life was in limbo then realised that that was only because of how i was allowing it make me feel. I now have a very busy social diary for December and into the New Year.

Good Luck. Stay positive and keep us updated x



I am also a 1B1 lady! But I had a very different treatment- was 29 getting my diagnosis, I have no kids but hopefully one day.My scans and all were clear, and so the team decided to go with the least restrctive option so that hopefully I can have children in the future. You sound like you're getting great care, and here's a great place to chat through the rollercoaster journey you're on. I was fortunate to be treated with a cone biopsy under GA and had my lymph nodes removed (July this year) I was given the clear and now go back for a review next month.

Keep up the positivity.. and keep chatting- being open to whatever you're feeling is so important and there are some lovely people here who have loads of tips/ advise/ support anytime.


Biig hug xx

Hi Sunflower :-)

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, though it sounds like you are in very good hands. It is strange how we find bravery we would never imagined we had until actually facing difficult news. Like you, I too was a roll up the sleeves type. Just wanted to send you support and hugs :-)


Be lucky :-)

Just wanted to send my love. Sorry about your diagnosis but to echo what the others have said it sounds like your getting the best possible care and getting it done quickly! There's nothing worse than waiting around for results of this and that. Good luck with it all, stay positive and keep us updated with how everything goes :). Big hugs xx