Newly Diagnosed - Stage 1 Cervical Cancer



Last week i was told i had stage 1 cancer and am due to have my follow up MRI tomorrow. I would love to speak to others who might be going through this or who have come out of the other side.

I have a 4cm lump in my cervix which if it hasnt spread they think is operable. It would be great just to talk to people in the same position or have been in the same position.

Thanks - Kath x

Loads of us on here. You could perhaps liase with Lolly who is in exact same position as you just now. It really helps to have buddies at the same stage.

Good luck with your treatment and remember its highly successful.

Karen x


Hi Kathryn

As Karen has just posted I'm in the same place as you right now, waiting for scans etc. Although I can't offer much advise I can be here to listen. Take care,



Thanks Karen and Laura. I have my MRI tomorrow. I think that the hardest thing is feeling like i'min a bit of limbo. Laura if you would like to PM do let me know. Would be good just to chew the fat and go over stuff with someone. xxx

Brilliant you've found each other, saw the post before and had just come on to say look each other up. 

Karen, if you see this just spotted your signature update - fabulous news x

Hi Kathryn

Yes the waiting definitely taking its toll on me too. Yes feel free to pm me too. I get myself into such a state about health things, Karen recommended I see my GP for the anxiety, it definatly helped. He was really understanding, signed me off work and gave me some tablets. The ladies on this forum have been brilliant xxx

Laura, what i would say is try not to work yourself up about it (which i know is very difficult) i have been focussing on the stuff that i can control, like work and my social life. I have pretty awful anxiety at times so i can fully understand how you feel right now. We'll get through this. xx

Thanks for good wishes Helen. Glad you all found each other.

I think people can be a bit glib if you have an early stage cancer with a great prognosis. You still have to go through treatment. A cure doesn't happen by itself. So I know you have tough times ahead but just try and keep your eye on the prize. The time passes really quickly and you will soon have it all behind you.

Karen x

Hi Kath. 

I think you are a couple of weeks behind me diagnosis wise. My tumour is also 4cm and I’m due to have a radical hysterectomy on Valentine’s Day (perfect)

With the scans I was terrified of what they were going to find I had my MRI which showed some slightly enlarged lymph nodes which the docs weren’t too concerned about but I was sent for a PET scan anyway to make sure which showed a spot on my chest which thankfully after another MRI turned out to be absolutely nothing. 

I couldn’t agree more with the waiting being the worst part. From my biopsy to diagnosis I was a wreck and lost nearly a stone in just over a week from anxiety. The way I deal with it is to think well at least you know what it is now and it’s being dealt with. 

If you have any questions about scans I’d be happy to try and answer them. I hope they went ok for you!!

Alice xx

Hi I was diagnosed cc nov 27th stage 1b,I'm 31. had hysterectomy nearly 2 weeks ago,waiting on results again.Have u had lletz treatment?? I had lletz in dec but no clear margins so radical hysterectomy was my treatment.U can msg me if u want to chat

Hi everyone, I was told I had cgin, had a loop excision and biopsy taken had a phone call to say I needed further examinations a blood test and mri scan which is on Sunday im absolutely petrified I’m only 30 have no children, they’ve also told me I’ve got an appointment with a consultant on the 18th. With very little information on why I’m being sent for these other investigations I’m certain there is obviously something more sinister going on. I just want to know what I’m going to be dealing with now the waiting is the worst part feel sick can’t eat or sleep so hard to get on with work and day to day life. X

Hi all

Hope you are all ok. The wait is finally over, MRI scan clear and treatment plan in place. Certainly feel a lot calmer now I know what is going on. Wishing everyone the very best and thank you for the support. Xxx



Hi All - apologies for the radio silence. I have been filling my time with trying to get my head round everything and not missing out on activities with friends and family. Thank you all for taking the time to reply ot the forum post, I really didnt expect so many responses. I hugely appreciate it.


I was formally diagnosed with Stage 1B Adenocarcinoma cancer of the cervix - referral to the Royal Marsden which means this week i have had another more specialist MRI of which the results I expect to recieve on 7 March. The info I have so far is that I have a 4cm lump in my cervix which they believe they can remove via a radical tracheloptomy at which point they are also going to remove lymph nodes around the area to check for microscopic cancer cells.

If anyone knows anyone else who has had this procedure i'd love to hear from them. Again thank you all for the support.


Laura - super happy to hear you have had a treatment plan set and you are feeling calmer.



Alice, how is your recovery going? xx

Hi Kathryn, 

hope yiirvrecivering well! I’m due to have a Trachelectomy in 2 weeks. How was your recovery?