Newly diagnosed - feeling scared!

Hi, I've just joined this site but have found it a real comfort over the last few weeks. I've been told today that I have stage 1a2 cc. I had a loop excision few weeks ago and this was result of their findings. i feel so scared about this as just the word Cancer makes you think the worst. The doctor has advised that she think she removed all the cancer during the loop excision but will now do a colne biopsy as a precaution. I noticed on this site that many women are talking about having an MRI scan and a radical hysterectomy. i have been told that I do not require these bit can't help feeling anxious about how do they know it has not spread? they obviously know what they are doing but I can't help feeling scared about things as want to make sure there is no more cancer anywhere. Has anyone else had experience of having stage 1a2 and if so what treatment did you receive? Thanks to this site for the support it really is a comfort to read stories from all the brave women out there x x 

Hi, I had LLETZ and loop biopsy in January 14 and was told in Feb 14 I had 1A1 ca of endometrium, I was scared but with the support of family and friends and a very good Consultant had a successful radical hysterectomy 11 days ago and am on the road to recovery, every day I just think I would rather aches and pains of recovery than the risk of cancer or the cancer getting worse. Hope this helps



Sorry you've had this diagnosis. You won't feel it right now, but as it's so early you're one of the lucky ones. I had the same diagnosis.

I too had a cone biopsy under GA (totally asleep). My doctor also removed lymph nodes to check for a spread, and I had MRI scans too.

If you're unsure why you've not been offered an MRI to check for any spread, then you should ask you Doctor or Consultant. Were you given details for a MacMillan nurse for support? You should have been and I found mine was very helpful - s/he will talk to you on a 'normal' level and explain things without medical jargon.

It's likely that your Consultant has got clear margins from your tumour - this means that the cells around it are all 'normal' - so suggests there is no spread. However you should ask for an explanation. The battle is as much mental as physial and you need peace of mind that you have no spread.

Best of luck on your journey. My signature explains my history - if you'd like to ask me any questions, please do not hesitate.

Lisagp x x x

Thanks both so much for your replies. After getting to grips with things and doing my research I'm feeling much better and more positive. I think my doctor did explain that the margins around my tumour are clear which is why they are not doing MRI so hopefully the colne biopsy will be all clear. As you say I'm one of the lucky ones and I've got to keep remembering that and stay positive x x 

Hi Kim,

I was diagnosed with stage 1 at beg of Feb after i had a lletz done under a local, they knew they had removed all of the cancerous cells but i had to have an MRI & CT scan because i had more abnormal cells on the outside edges of my cervix which i think is a different place to where the cancer was, i had another lletz done under general last wed and waiting for my results.

It is a lot to get your head around but as long as you keep talking to your friends and family or ladies on here it will get easier :-) to be honest i have tried to put it behind me and not think about it unless i have too.

Trudy xx

Good afternoon. 1st of all I'm sorry for your findings. I to had a colposcopy biopsy that came back with confirmed cervical cancer the same grading as yourself. I had an MRI and ct scan the same week and now booked into have a radical hysterectomy on the 1st of April. This has come to a massive shock to me and knock me for 6 I have been a mess and not looking forward to my op. I'm just wondering why I have to go for the op and you had a cone biopsy. How are you feeling about it? X

Hi Kelly sorry for delay in my reply. Hope your op went ok yesterday. From the research I've done I think the treatment you need all depends on where the cancer is and what type it is. Mine is a stage 1a2 squamous cell and doctor has advised that it is confined to one area of the cervix which is why they don't need hysterectomy etc at this point. If they find anything else from the colne biopsy then I will need more treatment but for now I'm hoping that won't happen. Had my surgery today. Hope everything goes ok for you - I know it must be awful what you've had done just feel so positive it's early stages x x x