Newly diagnosed....feel like I'm treading water


I was diagnosed a week today with Cervical cancer stage 2B, grade 3 and while I feel i am coping reasonably well......I feel like I have been told this news and just cast aside waiting for the next appointment which is next wednesday.  I feel they tell you this life changing news and then just send you home where I feel I have to be seen as coping and I am but for how long???  My husband thinks I am coping well...too well .....almost quite cold and hard faced about it, but Im afraid if Im not like this I will completely loss the plot :-/  

Reading through the posts on here has been a god send...I wish I had discovered this forum 2-3 weeks ago while I was waiting for results.  I have a feeling I may be on here constantly over the next few months xx

Hey Kingy,

I'm so sorry to have to say hi to you. It's a big shock to find you have cancer, so I'm glad you've found us. This forum has been a lifeline for me from diagosis to surgery and beyond.

No matter how you're feeling, up, down, in the middle, flat, sad etc it is all normal. You're going through something huge and are at the point most of us find hardest...waiting for the treatment plan. I don't think there's any 'good' way of coping, you just do what you have to to get through it. My only advice would be to take each day as it comes and keep talking on here if you find it helps. 

Take care xx


Hi Kingy,

I'm so sorry you had to 'join this club'. I remember being diagnosed, feeling numb, then scared then angry, fragile. The list of emotions goes on. That was only 3 months ago and now I have the all clear. Diagnosis to treatment is quick. So I guess what I'm trying to say is you will get through this. I do not know how but we find the strength to 'fight' this disease. This forum was a godsend to me. I'd never have found all the information, advice and support I needed without it. We are all here to help you on your journey. Take care of yourself.  Xxx 

So sorry to hear what you've been going through, the waiting seems endless, and yes very much like treading water. A week can seem like forever, and I did feel exactly like you a few months ago. My doctor was very good at reassuring me that everything was being done behind the scenes to move my case along and make sure I received the most appropriate treatment and I'm sure that will be the same for you. It's very difficult at first to get your head round, as I was used to going to a doctor,being given a prescription, and thinking well this will make better!!! I cried 'a lot' ! Mostly in private, and tried to carry on as usual, but about three weeks of putting on a brave face I hit a wall and came off work. Everyone is different and there is no wrong way of dealing with the news, just your way. The site is fantastic and will hopefully be able to go some way in helping you through this very difficult time. I hope the time to your next app passes quickly, xxxx Gibson

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So sorry to hear your news kingy. All us ladies have been in your current situation. I no it's hard but try to remain positive. We will all help you on your journey and be with you till the end of your treatment. Any questions or just for a rant, we will be with you.when I got my diagnosis I didn't no about this site.wish I did. Everything you need to no is on here.look after yourself and will be thinking of you. Get that champagne on ice when you have finished your treatment.remain positive. It's along road but you will make it xxxx

I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis… everything you’re feeling is completely normal… The whole thing is such a shock and a roller coaster of emotions… I’ve felt more emotions in the past few months than I have in my entire life and it was exhausting!
How you feel is completely normal… I felt like I coped really well and then I’d have random wobbles of being terrified and freaking out that just seemed to come from nowhere.
Try and stay positive - the waiting is horrendous, definately the worst part but you want them to get it right … They’ll be discussing your case and working out what’s best for you.

We’re all here for us when you need a chat, a rant or just to check in… This forum was a absolute lifeline for me, i felt it was the only place I could talk about everything and people actually understood.

Take care

Em xxxx

How is it going? Helps to know other people's stories, as I'm sure you know.


Thank you for all your replies :)  Hows it going?  Not bad, I start treatment on Monday -16th.  Chemo and first round of radiotheraphy.  On one hand relieved that something is finally happening, but on the other slightly nervous Undecided Actually a bit of a fib there...cacking myself to be truthful, but am putting on a brave face at home as I hate to worry everyone and they are fairly stressed out at it is.....seem to spend my whole time reassuring people im going to be fine, its all going to be Ok and the treatment will be a doddle...who am I trying to convince....them or me??

Have had a new symptoms just lately, pain relief not working as well as it was etc, also 'new' pain etc.....hoping its nothing sinister...will speak to my oncologist at next appointment. 

Good luck for Monday x

Brave face can come off sometimes and let them reassure you, you know. Hugs x