newly diagnosed :( (children mentioned)

Hi my name is sammi and im 25 years old....after having my 1st screening test done bback in december i then had a biopsy a couple of months ago. I then had to go for LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago....tuesday just gone (12th may) i was told i have stage 1b1 cervical cancer. Today (15th may)  i saw my consultant at  [hospital name removed]where he explained in more detail on what the consultant at [hospital name removed] found and what was going to happen next....i have my operation date which is the 8th june...nervous but i know this will all be done and dusted. i told my 5 year old daughter today, she doesnt quite understand but she is coming with me to my next consultant appointment in a couple of weeks. hopefully she will understand a little more and not panic when i go for my op.

Hi Sammi,

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis :-( But you have found the best place in the world for help and support :-)

What surgery will you be having if you don't mind me asking?

Be lucky :-)



I know it's none of my business , but in my experience as a patient and as a very experienced nurse, I feel your daughter is a little young to go with you for such an appointment . My daughter is 25 and was overwhelmed when she accompanied me and had to go out to the waiting room. If you can stay very composed maybe ok, but if you appear upset or show the slightest fear she will pick it up instantly. If I am wrong then I apologise for the intrusion.

Hi Tivoli.... I know for definate I will be having 2x lymph nodes removed and a hysterectomy, however, not sure on what hysterectomy. Should hopefully find that one out when i see my consultant on the 26th may. Although, for the past week i have had bad aches and pains around my pelvis/hip/back area and starting feeling a little paranoid. My consultant and nurse have said its grade 1 but they havent seen the slides from my LLETZ procedure yet. X

By no means are you intruding....i appriciate your opinion and thank you... my daughter knows theres something wrong as im so tired and so emotional. my mum passed away 2 years ago and she didnt take it too well, as my mum went into hospital and never came back out. I was in hospital for a few days while pregnant with my son as i was bleeding throughout the pregnancy and she thought i wasnt going to come back out....she is starting to worry and its difficult not to tell her as i will be in a different city. I cant keep anything from my daughter, even though she is so young, my nurse said she will try an explain clearly for my daughter so she knows i will be fine. X

Well good luck with it all Sammi :-) Desperately young for a hysterectomy, I'm so sorry. I was hoping you were going to say trachelectomy. Wishing you all the very best. I think most people begin to develop more dramatic symptoms after diagnosis but I think it's either that we are paying more attention to little things we didn't notice were there before anyway or it's the mind playing its cruel tricks, which it does, and will continue to do throughout this journey.

Be lucky