Newly Diagnosed - Chemoradiation Required UPDATE

Hi I'm Paula aged 30 one dog but no children. I must say this website has been a fountain of knowledge and support over the past 3 and half weeks from when I was first diagnosed with Cervical Cancer from an abnormal smear. This was not from the test results I was referred to the hospital under an emergency appointment whilst in the doctors surgery and a few days later I underwent a colposcopy and biopsy. I was unofficially diagnosed with Cervical Cancer that day and then had this confirmed the following week. For anyone having this done or recently undergone a biopsy during a colposcopy I had a small amount of bleeding afterwards and discomfort for around 3 days similar to strong period pains and bloating. 

Last Friday I underwent a Cystoscopy (examination of the bladder) under general anaesthetic followed up by an MRI scan the same day.

Today I was diagnosed with Stage 1b2 Cervical Cancer with an inflamed lymph node.  They have informed me that Chemoradiation will be the best course of treatment for me. I have a further appointment this week at the [name of hospital] which specialises in all Cancer Treatment. 

I just thought I would share my story as I know somebody looking through the forum will be in the excact same situation  or recently gone through a similar experience.  If you have please could tell me how the Chemoradiation went, what the side affects are like and how have you coped with early menopause?

I am still digesting all the information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Paula x 

Officially diagnosed Cervical Cancer 09.10.2014

Cystocospy and MRI 24.10.2014

Diagnosed Stage 1b2 28.10.2014 

Chemoradiation pre-assessment appt 30.10.2014



Can't give you any advice but just want to wish you lots of luck x

Hi ClareM


I am so sorry I do not know how I ended up on your post!!


Thank you, you too x

Hi paula sorry you have been given a cc diagnosis too. I was diagnosed on the 4th June this year aged 27 and staged at 1b2 also, I had 25 external radiotherapy 5 chemos and 3 brachtherapys. I finished my treatment on the 19th august so I'm waiting on my mri to see if treatment was successful. i found the treatment very tiring but manageable i moisturised everyday around my pelvic area with aqueous cream the radio department normally supply it, i did Suffer with nausea but you will be given anti sickness tablets and there are lots of different ones to try. Also i found eating little and often helped, my bowels Wernt to bad I had a bit of constipation but nothing unbearable. I understand everyone reacts differently to treatment, but I can assure you it's not as bad as you anticipate i was really frightened before I started I think it's because your going in to the unknown. But you will get in to a routine and before you know it, it will be finished. Good luck with it all Hunni and keep us updated if you have any questions feel free to ask or private message me. 

Take care 



Thank you so much Dominique,

I will find out more on Thursday but nobody knows better than somebody who has gone or going through it.

I would prefer this route rather than a hysterectomy although I know if unsuccessful this still can be the case. 

I will update later this week.

Thank you again x

Your welcome hun it doesn't feel that long ago I was in your shoes starting my journey, I no how difficult it is trying to take everything in, I would have been losed with out jos place and the lovely ladies giving me advice so I'm glad I can return the favour and help people out to, because your right unless you have been through it yourself you really don't no what to expect. Good luck for Thursday and let me no how you get on. Oh and on the whole menopause ive been ok so far few aches and pains but nothing drastic I had my bloods done a few weeks ago and that showed i was officially in the menopause my oncologist has recomended I go on hrt because of my age so just waiting on my gp to start me on it xx

You look to be coping so well with it all too :) positive attitude.  The menopause is one of my main questions my mum had a hysterectomy and no HRT and now sufferers with her bones so I definitely want the medication. 

Good luck with your MRI scan and let me know how you get on also.


I have an 8 yr old daughter so I really try and stay positive, don't get me wrong there are days when I'm not so positive but I guess that's just normal to feel that way. Yes my oncologist said your bones and your heart can be effected with lack of hormones. Thanks hun I'm due my scan November sometime still waiting on a date but will keep you posted xx

Well your positivity will be good for other ladies on here. I have the same attitude and people kept saying to me your taking it all really well and you seem ok which I found strange my motto is you need to take this by the horns and fight it you have no other option and I will continue to do so.

Try not to worry to much easier said than done when you have a long wait and definitely discuss you HRT options.

Big hugs xx

Hi Paula,

Welcome, I'm sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. Your positive attitude will see you through treatment. I was diagnosed with stage 2b back in May 2013, for me the scary time was waiting for treatment to begin once I had started treatment I felt I was doing something positive to fight the cancer. As Dominque says the treatment is definately doable and everyone reacts differently, my advise would be aqueous cream and plenty of it during radiotheraphy, magazines, ipod, ginger tea for sickness during chemo days.

 As soon as treatment finished I was sent into early menopause but have only just started taking a low dose combined HRT pill, I which I had taken it sooner I feel so much better on it.

 Please feel free to ask any of us any questions you have.

 Big enormous hugs, Mandy xxx

Thankyou paula and I will xx

Thank you Mandy,

It is amazing what a difference it makes speaking to women in a similar position and thank you for the tips when treatment starts!

 Its also fantastic to see that your check ups have been fine :).

Thank you for contacting me.

Paula xx

Thank you sweetie,

It still amazes me that the treatment worked, stay positive and you will sail through xxx

Hi Paula.

I am 45 yrs old and finished my chemo radiation on the 7th August, I actually had 25 radio, 5 chemo and then 3 Brachytherapy treatments. I will say at the time it seemed like it would never end but it went really quickly once I begun each one, I guess the not knowing was a bit factor to begin with. The first 2 weeks I felt fine just tired travelling to my appointments, my side effects were feeling sick which I found the worse but the nurses were fab giving me different tablets till I found one that eased it, my bowels did become loose but I had Imodium to sort this and also had Senna tablets if it went the other way. The ladies on this forum said to use a barrier cream like e45 on my skin as the radio can make your skin sore, I only found this helped when my treatment was near the end as this was the time I needed it. I'm not going to say the treatments a walk in the park because it's not and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, I finished my treatment at the beginning of August, the full side effects kicked in during week 4, very tired, sore back and front down below and skin sore, my symptoms got better as each day went by when the treatment had stopped, the thing I did hate was feeling tired so don't be afraid to ask for help. As for the menopause, well I started having hot flushes about a month ago, wow they start from my feet working up, feels like I'm going to self combust!, taking HRT which I was a bit shocked about as I thought this wouldn't be happening so quickly. Hope I answered some of your queries?, looking on this forum was a positive thing, it has helped me through my tough times. You can do it too. Caroline.

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for posting good to see your treatment has finished hope everything is going ok?

Thats has been a great help you ladies have been fabulous.  I don't start my treatment for another 2 weeks got all the tests, CT and MRI to do first which I have appointments for this week. 

Due to the nature of my job I have to take the full 7 possibly longer weeks off but they have been very good and are helping me in anyway they can.

I agree the menopause is very daunting especially when you are not meant to be experiencing it just yet!

I just want to get going with the treatment now hoping I dont have to pay a visit to hospital on xmas day but whatever it takes. 

You take care Caroline x


Hello Paula,

Sorry to hear you're about to start the journey of chemoradiation. I finished mine at the end of June followed by Brachytherapy in July. I didn't find the chemoradiation as bad as I thought  just wanted a break from the treatment by the time I got to the brachy bit. You're strength will increase each day once the radiotherapy stops. As you are off work, sleep when you body requires which i did for at least an hour every day. 

I was advised to start HRT as soon as the treatment finished and apart from my hair thinning, I haven't noticed any changes in body temperature. The only side effect is a discharge which was mistaken for a possible infection. I still have the discharge even though they reduced the HRT from medium to low dose. 

I agree with all the other ladies comments on here but one additional symptom to the treatment is a possible swollen abdomen. This does go down in time but 4 months later, I am still feel a little bloated. Healing seems to come a month after the end of treatment and you may get twinges here and there that may worry you at first. Oh and you may be possiblly more windy than before.  

Remember everyone deals with the treatment differently but positivity really is the key here. I had serious lymph node involvement but I've just had my first clear MRI scan. If i can reassure you in any way as you go through this, please feel free to message and ask.

All the very best and hopefully you'll be finished in time for Christmas.

Take care,





Forgot to say that i was at the [name of hospital] for 3 x Brachytherapy precedures nd they gave excellent care there. My brother-law who had a high position within the NHS rates the [name of hospital] very highly also.

If it's any comfort you are in the best of hands at the [name of hospital] .

All the best to you,


Hi Paula,

There seems to be lots of good and sensible advice here. I would add only that I drank liquid aloe vera every day during my treatment. I think it helps the digestive system cope with the internal 'sunburn' caused by the radiotherapy. Of course I don't really know if it did any good but it certainly did no harm and I didn't have much in the way of side-effects from the chemo-radiation.

Be lucky


Wow thanks ladies!

It is brilliant to see that you are recovering from treatment well and may it continue I guess you will have some longer side effects and hopefully they will clear up soon.

Just had final day of pre-treatments today so I start my chemoradiation on the 20th of this month.

Unfortunately I wont be done for xmas but I dont have to be in hospital for xmas day :).

My brachy treatment starts new years eve so definitely a quiet one this year!

Many thanks for the tips I will be definitely using them during treatment. 

My arms are seriously bruised at the minute as my veins are not the best so takes some doing giving blood. Bit worried about the chmeo session knowing thats its difficult dont fancy a permanent needle during treatment. 

The [name of hospital] has been absolutely amazing so far :)

Thanks again ladies xx

Hi ladies not been on for a while.

Day 3 of treatment including first chemo today so far ok just a dull ache in my pelvis area and aa lot of brusing as my veins are not the best so considering  a line incision to help the process of treatment.

Got all the tablets, mouth wash etc at the ready.

Hope your all ok xx