Newly diagnosed cc

Hello from Texas. I am having a rough day and happy to find this forum. Tuesday February 11th i received a biopsy. The oncologist is certain will be positive for stage 1 cc. I am so on edge waiting for the results. They said 2 days and it has been 5! Every time the phone rings and it is not them, it takes me 20-30 minutes to calm down. Anxious, heart pounding out if my chest. Random outbursts of crying. I know this is best worst news. However like i read in someone else's story, it's the hurry up and wait that is driving me crazy. Also it is a holiday weekend here so i may not hear from them until Tuesday! Trying to focus in the positive. Glad to have this outlet. 

Also waiting for insurence to approve PET scan so we can schedule that. But i have no expectation (or rather no faith in the expediency of the insurence company) so i am not as anxious about that. 

Thank you to everyone for sharing. It is helping me to feel not so crazy. 

Scared but optimistic

Hi Stacy, I'm from the U.S too. California.sorry you're going through this , the waiting around is definitely one of the worst parts. My insurance took a second for the pet scan at first too, I think they're waiting on the biopsy results to see if it is in fact cancer so they can deem the scan medically necessary.thats what happened to me before my biopsy results were in, but after they were in and positive for cancer they approved it right away.

Hi StacyJane sorry to hear about your health anxiety. I am not from the US but the shock of getting 1st ever abnormal results & needing a colposcopy & biopsy triggered health anxiety in me & especially as I found out from a telephone message from a missed call. I have now finished a course of counselling for the anxiety & was told that it was normal that I should feel jumpy every time the phone rang for a while. My anxiety has lessened as time has passed but was definitely worst when dealing with the uncertainty of waiting for results. Take care of yourself!

My anxiety has been a lot better. The diagnosis was worse than expected. But I am just glad to have the waiting over. Now to start treatment and fight back. 

All set for chemo and now waiting for insurance to approve rads. Hoping to start this week. Taking off work entirely due to work conditions causing bleeding and also too much stress. Planning on keeping busy. However this covid scare really changing things up. Glad I already decided to take off. Hoping disability covers my time off. But feeling optimistic. Also feeling a little crazy because sometimes it just hits me sideways and I start crying. Usually in my car. Lol. 

Thank you for reaching out.