Newly diagnosed and Worried about fertility


Wondering if anyone out there has had any experience of freezing eggs/embryos prior to starting radio/chemo? 

I'm 28, diagnosed with CC 2b, 6cm mass, no children. 

Sooo...this time last week i was adament whatever needed doing had to be done, regardless of fertiltiy. Then the consultants/doctors/nurses keep asking if i've got children, saying my age and family need to be considered prior to treatment, and now everywhere I look there's a baby, a family, a pregnancy advert, baby stuff, etc....and i'm now having a massive meltdown about the fact i may never be able to have children. 

If we didn't have a choice i'm not sure whether it would be easier or not!?! and this time last week we didn't think we would have one, however I needed to ask and find out if there was a chance. The answers we got weren't really very helpful and have left us feeling extremely confused. We asked if it would affect my treatment if it had to start after egg extraction..they couldn't answer. They gave examples of pregancies going to full term after diagnosis and it not affecting the size of the tumour/ spread of cancer but this not being garunteed. I also asked what the egg extraction process looked like and didn't really get an answer. There was no fertiltiy expert available to speak to in the meeting with the Dr/Specialists and now spending hours trying to find information (whilst trying to stay away from Google :D ) and i just wondered if anyone out there had been through anything similiar?? 

We are going to contact a fertility clinic tomorrow morning to ask these questions but I feel like we are in the same position as last week waiting on confirmation from MDT discussion...but yet i'm expected to make a decision in 2 days. With the right information we can make that decision, i know it's not going to be easy but at least we can make a decision, hopefully. 

....and breathe! Sorry for the head is a whirlwind right now :/


Thanks in advance for anyone who reads/listens. :) 


Hi Bumblebee

Although slightly different, I have a friend who had breast cancer and the treatment was highly likely going to affect her fertility so she had some eggs extracted and frozen before starting her treatment. 

all cases are different but I went through IVF and it took about 2-3 weeks of medication before they extracted the eggs.  A fertility specialist will be able to advise. 

all the best xxx 

Hi Porkins, 

thank you for your reply. we had a meeting with the fertiltiy clinic yesterday and they have advised they don't think it would be a safe option to do. Not the answer i wanted to hear, but i suppose it's a decision i don't have to make now. Absolutely devasted. 

thank you for your help xx