Newly diagnosed and numb

Hey Lovely ladies

so I posted on here about being red flagged to gynaecologist appointment to be told it was an ectropian and nothing to worry about but biopsies taken to rule out CC.

Biopsy results came back and confirmed Adenocarcinoma. 

I’m devastated but not for me. I’m a tough old bird but I have 4 young children and a husband whom I love madly.

They seem to think it’s 1b or 2A and treatment had been discussed as a hysterectomy which is fine I have more than enough beautiful children. 

Waiting on MRI now to confirm the staging. Which should take 2 weeks.

why do all the appointments take 2 weeks? Lol 

Well it is what it is and i’m Ready for a massive scrap so bring it big C.


Xx S

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  It’s shocking and scary but you’ll have it beat before you know it.  All I could think of was my small children not having a mommy.  It’s the worst.  I’m recovering from a hysterectomy right now and waiting on pathology to confirm I’m cancer free.  A little pain but nothing too bad.  Sending good vibes your way.  

I’m with you on everything taking so’s appointments, labs, etc! I’m having a hysterectomy on April 12, but found out my diagnosis in February!

Thanks for replying girls! I gave myself one day of feeling sorry for myself then put the boxing gloves on.

i am surrounded by the most amazing friends and family. Most of them are really exceeding what I expected of them with a few taking it really badly and leaving me questioning whether or not to avoid them and the negative energy for the next while. 

Cant wait to get the treatment started! Let’s do this xxxxxx

Hi Sbray as you can see from my bio. I was in the same situation as you last summer. You have the right attitude and you will beat this. The waiting is the worst once you have a treatment plan and you know what you are up against it strangely seems easier. Accept all that love and help and be kind to yourself do nice hings in the meantime. Good luck and take care x

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it

its a bit daunting but mentally I’m ready for battle 

take care xxx 

Hi sbray,  I just want to say well done you for your positive mindset because your right you will win this hands down , I was the same as you last yr I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma I also had 5 young children and they gave me every bit of strength I needed to get through it , and yours will to , I wish you all the very  best in your treatment you will sail through it x x x

Thank you so much for that! I still have the wobbles but ready to face this thing and knock the feck out of it xx

Hello! :-)

You have absolutely the best attitude! You cannot surround yourself with glass-half-empty types who sit around wringing their hands. Of course you're going to beat this! :-) And the winning will only make you stronger.

Go girl!

Be lucky :-)


I’ve literally just had a diagnosis of Villoglandular adenocarcinoma today! I’m feeling pretty stressed and anxious. Like you I’m allowing myself a day of self pitying and then I need to get this to feck!

I’m wondering how you got on with treatment and options? I’ve already told my consultant I’m more than happy to have a hysterectomy if it means getting rid.

Hi Lotty

I am having Chemoradiation which starts this Monday. My cancer was classed 2b and has just started growing in the fat behind my vagina. So no Hysterectomy for me. I had an MRI scan to determine the staging followed by a PET CT scan to make sure the cancer wasn’t in my Lymph nodes or anywhere else.

I was devastated at first but now counting my blessings that I have an amazing Oncologist who is just as determined to rid me of this disease as I am and that something can be done about it.

I was very daunted by all the uncertainty but have just decided to let go of my preconceptions and do what needs to be done.

Good luck on your journey. 

Take care you’ve got this


Thank you!

I’ve got an MRI hopefully in the next 2 weeks then we’ll know more. It’s hard not to convince yourself that you have other symptoms and actually that you can’t see the end. I am just wallowing a little at the moment and panicking about my kids. The waiting is horrendous and it’s not even been 24 hours!

Good luck to you on your treatment! Kick it’s ass xxx

The waiting is the pits!!! The worst part of this whole thing. But once you have staging and a plan in place it flies past! 

Good luck and keep me posted. Although it feels like it sometimes you are not alone and every person on this forum knows what you are going through.