Newly diagnosed and a bit confused


I was called back to hospital today and have been told I have CC. The doctor didn't say which stage but I noticed on the notes it said 1A2. Apparently the next stage is MRI and then hysterectomy if it is all in one place, radiotherapy if not. I am quite surprised as was expecting there to be more attempts to remove it before going the whole hog and whipping out the womb. Anyone else had this experience

Hi there

I was offered either racical trachelectomy or hysterectomy.  I could have pushed for another Lletz but they didn't recommend it. I was 1b1 though.  They make this decision based on MRI results, age and whether or not you have already have children already.  It's always worth questioning and even getting a second opinion if you are not happy with what is being offered. 

Hope you are feeling okay and are coping with the news x