Newly diagnosed Adenocarcinoma. Scared, Angry and Confused.

Hi everyone. 1st I want to say that all you ladies are an inspiration and I hope that in time I will be able to support others. A couple of weeks ago I went along for my routine smear. I have no symptoms all my last smears have been normal so I had no reason to be concerned. Anyways once the nurse put in the spectrum I started to bleed. The nurse did her best to hide any concern but I could tell something wasnt right. She wanted me to come back and see the doctor that afternoon which I did and again I bled. The doctor did a internal exam and advised something didn't feel right but I wasnt to be concerned since all my other smears were normal. She refered me for a colposcopy. I went for my colposcopy about 10 days later and the doctor advised there was like a warty appearance on my cervix and done a biopsy.... well last thurs I got my results. Adenocarcinoma! I didn't even know there was more than one time of cervical cancer. I was then told that it doesn't tend to be picked up on smears. I couldn't believe it! All these years I've been going for smears believing that they would keep me safe and they have failed me. Yes if I hadn't of went I wouldn't have bled and wouldnt have caught it at this stage. I don't even know what stage it is they didn't tell me I have to wait for an mri which I'm going to on Wed next week. They did mention about if I want children. Im 30 and have a 13 year old and don't want anymore so if it comes to a hysterectomy I would be ok with that. My emotions are all over the place I'm so scared about the stage as it may have been missed for years. I just wanted to get it off my chest and maybe hear some of your advice to get me through what's going to be a long month. Thanks

Hi toughcookie

im  sorry to hear that you are going through this but rest assured you will be ok!!!

cc is very treatable and curable! There are many ladies on this forum that have the same kind as you but regardless they are all treatable. You will have an MRI and a PET scan to help stage your cancer but no worries as they will defiantly give you the best treatment. The next month or so will be full of appointments but you will manage and once you know the treatment you will be more settled.

Like anything it does take time to process and you will go through many emotions but stay away from Google as the info is outdated and has many errors.

Try to assemble the best support system you can and write down all your questions so you can remember them when you go to appointments.

 This forum is great for support and a place to ask anything or say what you are feeling. You are not alone. We are here for you!


Hi ToughCookie :-)

Welcome to the forum! I am so glad you have found us. Very sorry for your diagnosis and the circumstances but fear not! You cancer has now been found and the next thing is it's going to be cured. I had adenocarcinoma and mine had reached a stage 2b by the time it was discovered. Exactly five years ago yesterday I had a hysterectomy and I am now as fit as a fiddle. There is no point being angry, it achieves nothing. The point of cervical smears is to try to catch as many as possible as early as possible but I don't think that anyone has ever claimed they are 100% preventative. As Lolli says, keep right away from Google, ask all your questions on here and we'll hold your hand all the way through until you get your 'All Clear!' and way beyond if you like ;-)

Be lucky ;-)

Thanks girls for your replies I already feel better knowing I have your support. Before I got my biopsy result I did do some googling (worse thing I could have done I know) but staying away from it now. 

The hardest part of it for me is having to tell my daughter. I haven't told her yet waiting until I get a treatment plan. I'm worried for her. She just got her injections for hpv and I had explained what smears are for before I don't want her to think smears don't help catch it.

I'm also worried for myself. My smear results have always been normal so what if in the future there's a reoccurrence of this same type of cancer and it's not picked up again in time.  I know I'm away ahead of myself but I can't help but worry about the future.

Hi again

just wanted to share my experience with you and as I also have a 13 yrs old daughter what I told her

My smears were also clear and I had the squamous cell cancer. My tumour was higher up on the outside of my cervix but as my uterus was tilted it was in a  sneaky spot so it was not picked up from a smear.

1.A smear is not 100% and I was told it has a 30% failure rate so even if you have a smear it is important not to put off any symptoms no matter how small and to keep pushing the dr to investigate as you know your body better then anyone. 

2.although you have had the vaccine it is not for all the strains of HPV and it lasts only about 10 years to help prevent. There have still been reports of woman getting cc and they have had the vaccine. No vaccine is 100% effective. 

3. The importance of womens health is nothing to take lightly, living a healthy lifestyle will help keep her healthy  

I also waited to tell my kids until I knew my treatment plan. Many days my daughter came with me to treatment for company, she was on school break and she got to meet so many people at the centre as it really gave her the opportunity to see and learn many things  it was a positive experience for her. Do be honest with her as it will give you guys a strong foundation for the beginning of an open honest relationship for her to feel comfortable to talk about women's health issues in the future 


Hi TC:

Just thought I'd jump in with my 5 cents worth.

Adenocarcinoma is the glandular type of CC and it begins  up in the interior glandular cells of the cervix. The squamous type of CC starts in the cells that sit on the surface of the cervix. So,when you have a smear, it is more likely that the squamous type will be detected as the scrapings are taken from the cervix surface. For the glandular type to be detected, abnormal cells have to migrate down to the surface of the cervix from higher up, otherwise they can sit hidden for years. Luckily, CC is a slow mover.

I had annual smears for 30 years without a problem until the abnormal glandular cells showed up on  a smear. Although I had a cone biopsy which removed the cancer, I also had a hysterectomy which revealed a further tumour higher up,hidden in the cervix.

I guess my point is that smears are the best way of catching CC. They're not 100%, but they give us the best chance of catching abnormalities early when they are most easy to be cured.

Your smear didn't fail you. It has picked up the abnormalities - probably at a very early stage - so that you can be treated. If you hadn't been taking care of yourself with your annual checks, who knows when the cancer would have been discovered.

Good luck

t x

Hello Tough Cookie I took both my children at different times for treatment. They really appreciated the honesty and seeing is very different to listening. My boy was 18 and has a different way of seeing the world so it helped him understand the whole thing. Like all teenage boys he pretends indifference but became very sweet. My daughter needed to be on top of everything as it helped her anxiety. So do be honest, 13 can be very savvy. I have also spoke to young adults at work who have gone through a parent's illness and they all say they wanted to be useful. Good luck with it alll Jayne

Thanks everyone for your comments it really makes me more positive about this situation.

Hey TC :-)

In an earlier post of yours you say "I know I am way ahead of myself but I worry about the future  .  .  ." Well that is certainly a worry that will be taken out of your hands by your team. Now that you have been diagnosed you are going to be under unbelievably close scrutiny, not only until your team believe you are disease-free, but for the five years after that as well. Once you have had a cancer diagnosis, and even long after you have been cured, you become sort of medical royalty and if something is worrying you it gets checked out :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Toughcookie, I too have recently been diagnosed. I had my smear in April, referrred For a colposcopy in May, I didn't go till Sept (long story) got a call a week later to say it was cancer. Things happened fairly quickly with appointments with surgeon and MRI. I knew at my first appointment what stage 1b1 and what my plan would be,mthe MRI only confirmed things for me. I have two children a 13 yr old boy and 14 yr old daughter. She too has just finished the jabs. We have decided not to tell the children as it is early stages and hoping they don't need to know. I am having my lymph nodes removed and if they are clear a hysterectomy on the 25/11, we have decided to say I am just having another procedure. At first I thought about telling them but I am so glad we didn't. We were so emotional it would have just upset them and I don't know what your daughter is  like but I don't know how my two would have processed that. I feel really strong and positive now and will be glad when the surgery is over. You will feel so much more in control when you know exactly what you are deal with and what your treatment plan will be. 

Good luck what ever you decide to do, only you will know what is right :) 

I was diagnosed with stage 2b adenocarcinoma on the 26th of June 2014, I had four rounds of taxol chemotherapy a hysterectomy and internal radiation. I totally understand your anger. I was having symptoms prior to my diagnosis though bleeding for longer etc which I only realised afterwards were in fact symptoms. This is the hardest part... The waiting for scan results and a treatment plan just take it one appointment at a time :) treatment is very successful and you will get through it :)


Charlene xxx