Newly diagnosed 2B (children mentioned)

Hi I'm 32 and I've also been diagnosed with stage 2B CC after a tumour was seen giving birth to my son 7 weeks ago (had bleeding through pregnancy but was told this was common, just one of those things). I've also been devastated about my fertility being taken as we had planned another child fairly quickly to make our family complete. After lots of discussion and research with my husband we have decided against freezing my eggs, one of the hardest decisions ever in such a short space of time but after getting my first chemo blast yesterday there's no going back. I'm blessed with the children I have and need to fight to survive for them, doesn't take the feeling that I'm losing something away but they'll get me through this and from seeing forums on this for girls with no children yet I feel utterly devastated for them. I hope surrogacy works out for them and for anyone here who wants to try for a brother or sister for the child they have.

I've been looking for a 2B forum, I was wondering if any of you are in the Glasgow area as it would be good to chat or meet up with someone going through the same thing (I know they set up group meetings on this but there's none scheduled for Glasgow just now). Message me if anyone is interested in doing this. 


Hi Maz3,


im sorry you have had to find us. I was diagnosed stage 2b last April, the treatment I found doable and used my survival instinct to get through it. I'm now trying to adjust to my new normal it's been hard but I'm slowly getting there.

I luckily found a local support group in my area and they have been fantastic, I hope you find a group in your area. In the mean time if you need to ask anything feel free to ask me or anyone on here they are all great :-)

Hi Maz3

Sorry that you have been diagnosed with CC, especially so close to having had a child.   I was also diagnosed as 2b in Dec and I also found the treatment doable and not as bad as expected.   There are a few 'changes' that i am getting used too and learning to live with - but I have been lucky and havent struggled too much and my side effects were not too bad.   This week I have had my 8 week scan / checkup and the results of the scan will dictate the surgery I have in a few weeks - the plan from the last MRI is that it will be a Total Hysterectomy because I only had 2 brachy treatments as the tumour mass had gone ......  If you have any questions about the treatment etc.... ask away ... we are here to help....

I am one of those ladies that doesnt have children - Im 41 and we had decided a long time ago (before CC) that children were not for us, so I cant help you with the not being able to have more children or how to cope with these feelings.

All the best with your treatment

Hi Tracey hope you don't mind me asking but why are they looking at surgery if the tumour mass is gone? I'm getting 3 sessions of intensive chemo (1 done) then 7 week chemo/radio combo which includes 2 brachytherapy, I was told no surgery would be needed so just checking if that was in your original plan or if your treatment plan got changed?x

Hi Maz3

The original plan (after the MRI and staging) was to have the chemo/radio treatment and 3 brachy sessions.   During the first brachy treatment I had an MRI and CT scan so the oncologist could check the progress and deliver the treatment to the correct area.   It was at this scan that there was 'no evidence of active disease' (per the letter) or 'no tumour mass' per my oncologist.   Because of this and the impact on my bowels the oncologist decided to cancel the 3rd session of brachy after considering the 'pros and cons' ....   As a result I havent received the level of radio that the oncologist is happy with and so has recommended surgery.   I saw the surgeon on Monday and had the MRI yesterday - I will find out the results today, however the surgeon was 99% sure it would be a Total hysterectomy in a couple of weeks time .... 

Hope that helps you - basically I have come to accept that CC is an ever moving beast .....  we all react differently to the treatment, so things can sometimes change

Good luck

That's a lot for you to take in with things going one way then another. Good luck for today and hope all goes well if surgery goes ahead so you're rid of it once and for all. If it prevents damage to other areas through radio then it's a positive way to go in the long term. Take care, hope you've got lots of support around you and friends that can keep you smiling on through.xx