Newly diagnosed (1st July) - children mentioned

It's all happened really quickly i must admit. 21st May smear test after 4 years, 31st May letter to say i had high grade abnormal cells appointment for the 7th June to undergo Loop procedure. Results from Loop 1st July grade 1A1 cells and CIN3, second loop undergone 22nd July. I have googled alot because my consultant hasnt explained everything to me. I have felt very let down and upset that her Communication has been so poor.


My first appointment with her was when she told me they had found the cancer. No grading was given, nothing was said about CIN3. I was told it was a very small area found, it had been removed and she will do another loop on 3 weeks to make sure everything has gone.

I saw her again 3 weeks later, i under went second loop and she wasnt going to sit down with me to explain or go through anything to my absolute dis-may. I had to ask her questions which i then found out more, she told me there were pre-cancerous cells found which was the reason i had to have a second loop. She also 'mentioned' not explained she wont do any further loop/treatment she will just offer me a full hysterectomy dependent on the results from second loop and it was left like that. I didnt understand why she even mentioned hysterectomy.

I have since voiced my concerns with the hosiptal and asked to be seen by another consultant although i'm worried this wont actually be actioned and i will see her again.

I'd like to know why not offer any further treatment? Since reading on this website its a case of removing all CIN3 which can be done cant it?

i'm 31 years of age, i have 2 children - only one here with me, my other baby was born asleep at full term. I have just seperated with my partner of 9 years and plan to have no more children but a full hysterectomy is a major operation.

I think about this every day and it goes round and round in my head, i'm so scared of the next set of results... 

Im so sorry for your diagnosis.   My doctor has referred me to a gynecological oncologist.   Im from the US so im not sure if its just standard practice here.

Maybe you can see if you can do the same. It makes sense to have a doctor who specializes in this area make a treatment plan for you. ..better care for you.

Hi kerrie82, I'm sorry that you've not had things properly explained to you. Your case is the same as mine was 2 years ago. I had a high grade smear and then a loop which biopsy showed a tiny area of 1a1 and then CIN3 without clear margins. I then had a 2nd loop to remove the rest of the CIN3. My understanding is that on average they will only do 3 loops before they look at surgery as there isn't enough cervix left to do any more loops (obviously cervix length varies woman to woman). Unfortunately my CIN3 has returned so I am facing my 3rd and final loop and then need to decide on a hysterectomy. I've been advised it would be laproscopic so hopefully recovery would be quicker. I know what you mean about it being a major operation, I'm not sure what to do. 

Hopefully you're results will come back with clear margins and then you won't have to face the idea of a hysterectomy, I know if you stress the importance of keeping your fertility that they do try and look at other forms of treatment. Good luck x x 

hello kerrie

i totally understand where you're coming from. we are same age and i have 2 children also. thankfully both of mine are here, i'm so sorry about your 2nd baby. i also am not planning to have any more little ones but feel same as you. i am awaiting the results from my LLETZ after high grade smear and am scared/anxious/angry etc.

wanting to send you lots of hugs xxxxx