newcastle/north east lets meet


anybody interested in a lets meet in the north east??

i was thinking Newcastle?

if yes when sort of days and times would suit most people??


Hi Corrine,
Lyn and myself would meet up. what about the Quayside? or anice hotel somewhere. Let me know any arrangements, anytime would suit us. Jill xxx

thanks jill

sorry i didnt really get a chance to speak to you on saturday…see you soon though xxx

This sounds like a lovely idea! Newcastle would be great for me and a Saturday is the best day so I don’t have to worry about work the next day!

How about some time in November? That would give people who wish to travel a chance to look in to cheap train tickets/hotels.

x x

Hi Corinne

A Saturday would be good for me and I can get to Newcastle or anywhere out of town.

Can you just make sure that it’s not a match day - the traffic’s bad enough on a Saturday to start with - or on the 21st as I was hoping to get to the Leeds meet as well.


I’m in girls, xxx

come on there must be some more northeast girls wanting to meet

there is no need to be shy. i am extremely shy and quiet but its lovely to be able to talk with people who have been through the same.

come on be brave we need more than 5 people to make it a success

anyone have any preferences about where to meet??

Hi x
I’d love to meet up with you all…I’m on holiday though from the 12th to the 23rd of November. xx

Hi Corrine, I would have liked a girl called sarah Wilkinson to come, we met her at the photo-shoot. She had Mr Edmondson for her surgery, she was a lovely girl. I would hope all the girls from the photo-shoot would come, at least all of the local ones. Does Alison use Jos? I’msure she will come. Shall we go out of town for the meet, i don’t want to go somewhere where we can’t talk for noise, that coz I’m old. Do you have any ideas of time or venue? I know the photos are ready to go to press, nobody has seen them yet. Take Care see you soon Jillxxx

Hi girls,

I would love to come up, but we are on holiday till the 2nd Nov and then got quite a bit on (including organising a Leeds meet), then its the run up to xmas.

If I can, I will.!! (but cant make any promises at mo tho ).


Hi girls, has someone sent an email to everyone who was at the photoshoot I’m sure Alison doesn’t use Jo’s and it would be lovely to see her again. Did I meet Sarah wilkinson? I’m terrible with names but maybe she was later in the afternoon when I’d left? Really hope we can sort something out as I found it really helpful the last time
Rachel x

Hi girls, has anybody got any ideas where we will meet? Can we decide soon, so we can plan ahead and then hopefully everybody will be able to come.Lyn and I will be coming, but we need to know for baby sitter for Alex. See you all soon Jill xxx

HI Girls,
Iv’e emailed Alyson and sarah to invite them to our lets meet. Hopefully they’ll both come. C u soon Jill xxx

Hi girls,
spoken to Alyson and Sarah, they both want to come to our lets meet. Jill xxx

hi guys

im really sorry but im not going to be able to arrange a meeting for a saturday…ana has just been accepted at newcastle gymnastics academy and has to train on a saturday afternoon.

can someone take over and arrange a date and venue…let me know who so i can get in touch with shoops and tell her who is organising it instead.

sorry i hope you all have a fab time though

Hi Corrine
No worries hun!

I was wondering if we could arrange the North East meet for the same time as the Claire’s Message calender launch? I know there were a few people like Mel and Elaine who aren’t from the NE but I’m sure they would still like to come back for it if they are free.

I will send Kris at the studio a message and see if I can get a date out of him, maybe we could plan it for a Sunday if that’s better?

If anyone else has suggestions or would like to organise something please just say, this will only work if people let us know what they want.

x x

Hi All

Was just about to let you know that I’m planning to come up and join you for the meet (any excuse to meet some of our lovely members :smiley: ). It will be a great way to find out your thoughts on support groups and a general chinwag.

As Corrine is unable to organise this, I am very happy to do so, I just need to know what everyone would prefer.
Would those of you coming rather it to be a Saturday or a weekday evening? Any suggestions of a good pub and I’ll happily call and see if they have a spare table. From what I can tell, sometime after the 23rd of November seems to be the suggested timeline.

Really looking forward to seeing you all there!

So far, the role call seems to be

Elaine (possibly?)

Any others fancy a get together?

Kind regards

hi shoops

if people like tapas i have a 50% voucher for la tasca on the quayside…

thanks for taking over…obviously if it is changed to a different day i might be able to make it


Thanks Corinne
That sounds like a great idea. I’m very happy to do a Thursday or Friday evening if it suits everyone better? I know that sometimes it’s difficult to do a Saturday when you’ve got lots going on.

What does everyone think?

Hi girls, I can pretty much do anytime except thurs 19th nov.