Newby and petrified

Hi All
I had a smear on Jan 3rd and the results came back yesterday via the post to refer me to the hospital. I immediately burst into tears and have on and off since! I’m 34 and this is my first ‘unusual result’ smear.
I have recently had blood tests and an ultra sound because I am getting very sharp pains very low in my pelvis. I expected ovarian cysts but all tests were clear.
I have no bleeding inbetween periods but have always had painful heavy periods. I am now convinced it is something sinister. This waiting will drive me mad!
Vicky x

Hey, easier said than done but try not to worry. If you've been going for your smears over the years then it is unlikely to be too sinister as cc takes a long time to develop.  I had a smear at 25 all clear, then my next when I was 28 was abnormal. I had high grade - severe dyskariosis  (cin3) I was terrified when I got the letter as that was all it said. When I went for the loop excision to have them removed the nurse was wonderful and completely calmed me down. I was then all clear. It was really simple. Even if your pains are down to the abnormalities try not to worry as it's unlikely it has gone too far. You may need treatment but it won't be anything you can't handle :) xx