Hello all,


Joined this site for general reading etc. I've been having treatment for 7 years now...

All my results have either come back mild or moderate. In 2011I had a biopsy (how painful?!??!) And then first lletz to get rid of some moderate cells. It wasn't a massive area and the gyno put some yellow gunk to seal the wound so recovery time only took about a week or so. I then had a smear and the results came back normal, yay!

However went for my annual smear test Christmas eve of all days and the results came back severe this time. Each time I've gone to the gyno they can't see anything at all in terms of cells changing etc and guess what, when I went for my appointment the Dr couldn't see anythig when my cervix was stained. You can guess after 7 years I'm getting pretty sick of all this and fed up my results are coming back abnormal but they can't see anyhig wrong. Anyhoo, my reults were subject of a review board which resulted in another lletz on Monday to get rid of the cells which hadcome back severe.

This time I'm in quite a lot of pain, really really bloated which is not good and bleeding on and off. The gyno didn't use any yellow gunk this time either. I've not tried going to the gym  yet as I'm worried about making it worse but feeling quite horrible about myself due to all the bloating!


Anyone else had normal to mild or moderate then back to clear and then severe??!!!

Hi there, 

I hope that the bloating has eased and you're starting to feel a bit better.

My experience hasn't been quite the same, but thought I'd share rather than then read your post and run. I've been having problems with CIN for over 3 years. I went from mild to moderate, had LLETZ for CIN2 but then my smears after treatment have been abnormal so LLETZ obviously didn't work for me.  I haven't had a normal smear in over 3 three years and I'm being monitored at the moment as it's still CIN1. 

When I had my last colposcopy after an abnormal smear, the doc said that no abnormalities could be seen. But biopsies showed CIN1 so I can relate to your confusion about why they can't see when there clearly are abnormalities.

I hope this LLETZ does the trick for you. It's good that you've had normal smears after treatment before, hopefully that will be the case for you now.

All the best to you.