Hi there ladies, I have been reading this forum for a month or so now and I am so proud of how brave you all seem to be!!

I have written a few posts but not been brave enough to post them. I am 24, no children and had my first smear in Jan (routine invitation just before I turn 25 in April).

I was horribly embarrassed about having it done but then thought nothing of it. The nurse was lovely and I felt no pain.  She commented about bleeding and said there was cervical erosion common for women on the pill. I had been bleeding after sex but embarrassingly I had just put it down to a size comparability with my boyfriend (makes me cringe now!).

I had a colposcopy in Jan and the consultant took 3 biopsies. 2 weeks later I had lletz under general anaesthetic as the area was too tricky to treat whilst awake - a total halo abnormality is the description he gave, I could see the white area like a circle all around the edge of my cervix.

The biopsies came back as CIN 3 and I had the results from the lletz a couple of days ago. There are no clear boarders, mostly cin 3 but with strands of malignant cells running through it.  He cannot give me a treatment plan yet as he wants to discuss my case in a MDT meeting (the next is the 8th April). I can't seem to find much info on the internet and I just wondered if anyone had a similar story? 

I am not panicking yet as I know I just need to wait and I know the colposcopy team are fantastic so I do feel able to call them with burning questions. Just a wondering really.... 

I'd be so grateful to hear from anyone that has any advice on playing the waiting game or anyone with a similar abnormality? 


Thank you!