Newbie X need help

Oh my goodness I have been researching like mad and going out of my mind over the last 4 weeks.

I am a regular smear test girl, esp over the last 6-9 years. I’m 42, in February I had my smear test, the nurse taking said it all looks fine.

So when I received my letter two weeks after I was shocked and upset to see that I had high grade Dyskaryosis and the virus. I was shaking and in tears. My Best friend went through the same about three years ago so I knew what to expect.

My mum passed away in 2016 (3rd April) so you can see how near the anniversary. She passed away after three years of fighting a rare tumour in her womb lining. So you can image that my anxiety is just stupidly high and it really doesn’t help
With the wording on the letters the NHS send out. I had a colopsy booked in for 2 weeks after I called explained the history and asked for a cancellation appointment they were amazing and I could go in on the Monday (I got the letter on Friday) I could go in on the day as I came on but again they were amazing and I went in the Monday after.

It was the same clinic my mum was diagnosed at I was nervous and scared, it brought back memories. I knew what the expect as I had gone with my best friend. When I got in there the nurse was lovely I broke down but she was reassuring saying that most at this stage it was not cancer but could be pre cancer. So she did the procdure it was not painful and she too a couple of biopsy again I did t feel any pain. I asked was there a lot of white cells she said no there was not and was showing me on the screen, she found an area around the corner lol that looked like a load but she said it wasn’t. She explained that I would have to have them removed and once the results came back they would be discussed with the disciplinary team to discuss further treatment I knew this because of mum. She said that I could have the procdure awake as I was fine on that appointment I don’t think I want too but I do anything. She said within 4 weeks I would get the results but it would be sooner because it should be two weeks but it’s in case the labs are busy so if you get them back earlier that’s fine don’t panic obviously labs can be busy at certain times and they don’t won’t to worry ladies if you don’t get the results back. She said that my test and mums cancer was not related but it’s is in my head it’s all down there so it is.

She said she would make an appointment for me in six months to come back to see the consultant which was in October 2017.

I have had no symptoms and wondered if I missed anything because of mum passing away.

I worried because you do its natural I have been checking the post everyday. I got my letter yesterday to say that have had to bring my appointment forward from October to April 25th still three and a half weeks away there was no other information so yesterday it was crying and being snappy.

I read some of your amazing blogs thank you all for great advise and just being amazing. Xxxxx. A few of you had said the hospital called you so I checked my phone no missed calls I don’t get great singnal at work checked my voicemails and there is a voice mail to ask to call the hospital I will tomorrow. Nothing was on the letter at all it was only one voice mail and no missed calls why would they be calling me if they can’t tell
Me results on the phone and there was no results on my letter xxx I woke up a six this morning panicking and crying I’m so scared xxxxxxx any advise would be great fully received sorry for the long story and thank you for reading xxxxxx

You wouldn't have missed any symptoms. I had no symptoms at all and was diagnosed with cc. 

The 2 aren't related even though it's the same general area so try not to worry too much. 

The waiting is stressful but try to remain positive, they said the white patch was small so even if it's sinister there's a chance it was caught early and removed. 

I hope everything is OK with you otherwise, it's tough to lose close family to cancer too. I lost my twin brother to cancer June 2016 and then I was diagnosed in November. I've just had results that I'm now clear so they can work miracles xxx

Oh lynsayjane what a tough year you have had xxx 

i got my results after calling the hospital in a panic i am having my next procdure in there weeks X I hope your well and on the road to recovery xx