Newbie with questions...

Hello ladies,
As the title suggests I am a newbie on this site. I have found it to be a great source of support over the last few weeks so thank you all - the internet can be a pretty scary place when googling…let me explain…
I had my first smear test done the day after my 25th birthday in Oct. I have other medical problems (which i wont go into in too much detail as it can get complicated but its not a concern with abnormal cells) and I had a feeling that the results from my smear would be abnormal. I had a daughter two and a half years ago (unexpectedly as i have other problems) and have had various issues ‘down there’ since having her. True to that feeling, 10 days after my smear i received a letter saying I had had an abnormal result and I had severe dyskorasis (not sure of spelling). After googling this I obviously became quite worried.
I had my coloscopy yesterday and had a LLETZ treatment at the same time. The consultant spoke to me before and after he had done the procedure and explained before i had been very unlucky and that my cells had progressed to be very abnormal and afterwards he said i should have results within 3/4 weeks. When I asked how it had gone he said he hadn’t seen anything ‘sinister’. Am i right to have lost my worry? My way of thinking is that if there was anything awful lurking there he would have seen it? Or is cc usually diagnosed from the biopsy? If it is bad news will I have it confirmed via letter/phonecall or will i have to go to another appointment?
He also told me that having just one LLETZ doesnt affect having babies but more can. Is this different to what others have been told?
Sorry for the rambling on… just can’t write down all thats going through my head. If anyone could answer any of my queries it would be very much appreciated…
Thank You in advance.xxxx

Hi Kittykat87,
I am also a newbie to the site. Been worrying myself silly, also googling about abnormal cells & cc. I had a smear test on the 28th of September, results came back 2 weeks later which said I had abnormal cells. Had Lltez treatment & biopsy on the 24th of October. Was told should get results within 4 weeks & check up in 3 months. Received letter from hospital this Saturday just gone, they have booked me in for a follow up appointment to discuss my results Wed the 14th, that’s tomorrow ahhh. very worried, also they never said what my results were after my smear, just said I had abnormal cells. When other ladies have been told they had cn1 or cn3. Worried they are going to tell me its cancer. xxxx

Thank you for replying. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat as me. :frowning: It’s a very scary time I think! I hope the news you get today is good news. Good luck and please let me know how you get on. Sending lots of good luck And hugs.
Kat. Xxxxx

the whole thing is so worrying!
I had my LLETZ for cin 3 last Thursday and waiting for results is always the hardest part. No matter how much I try to be rational about things there is always a little voice in my head going “what if”
Could luck today ray, I hope your appointment goes well. Everyone is here for you no matter what the outcome

Cat x

Ray - good luck with your appointment, thinking about you x x x
KittyKat - I know exactly how you feel! It’s a really worrying time, right from getting the letter/call that you need to go to the hospital to finally getting your LLETZ results. My smear result was moderate and my LLETZ confirmed CIN2. Unfortuately I don’t remember anything being said about pregnancy after LLETZ, I know I didn’t ask, but I was so scared before the procedue and so releived afterwards that I wasn’t taking much in at all. From what I’ve read on here and on the NHS website though there aren’t too many concerns if you only have one LLETZ. If you’re worried or have specific questions I’d make an appointment with your practice nurse and chat things over with her (if she’s nice and you feel comfortable with her :slight_smile: ) otherwise you could call the colposcopy clinic and see if anyone’s free to have a chat on the phone?
As for results, nothing can ever be 100% until you get the results confirmed to you, but I think they can judge what grade your abnormality is quite well from sight. The best advice I could give would be to try and put it out of your mind as much as you can - you’ve had the treatment and you’re on the way to getting whatever it is sorted, so positive frame of mind all the way :slight_smile: (although I do know saying this is easier than doing it, until I got my results I felt like throwing up everytime my phone rang…)
I hope you’re feeling ok after your LLETZ :slight_smile: take it easy, eat lots of chocolate and definately make use of Jo’s. It really is the best place to ask questions/chat about worries and fears and things. It definitely kept me sane! x x x

Hi ladies, thanx for your support. Have been to the hospital for my results. Still trying to get my head round it. my results came back as I have got cgin, which means there are more abnormal cells further up my cervix. The good news is I don’t have cervical cancer, but have been advised I need a hysterectomy as he can’t guarantee the cone will work & probably have to have a hysterectomy anyway. If all cells aren’t removed will turn into cancer in the next 2 years. As I am 32 and already have 3 kids have decided to have the hysterectomy. Don’t want to take the risk. Don’t like the idea that i don’t have the choice now to have any more children, but am very lucky to already have 3 kids. xxxx

Good luck will all your results girls, hope its good news. xx

Oh no ray! :frowning: I am really sorry to hear your news. Like you said, at least its not cc, but I imagine you are still feeling pretty upset right now. Its unrelated to my smear/results, but at my apointment the consulltant also brought up having a hysterectomy in the not so far future… My other (non related) medical condiotion means I have no pelvic floor, son without goign into too much detail… everything is heading south! This was the reason i was always told having children would be highly unlikely, or very very difficult. Im lucky that I have my daughter but to be honest I would love one more to complete our family Ive never assumed that it will definitley happen and tbh, i feel more concerned now I know things are already happening ‘in there’ that may make it more difficult. The consultant advised i could try for another baby and until it would happen they wouldnt know if my womb would hold out, and he then said, if I was done after one more they could just ‘whip it out’ (my womb!) at the same time! Whilst I am pretty sure I would only like 2 children (if i am lucky), the thought of having a hysterectomy before im 30 is pretty scary. So although, i dont know exactly how you must be feeling right now, I can sort of empathise with you.

I hope you are ok. I will make sure i keep you updated on my results. Take care.xxxxx

Thanx for your reply Kat. Pretty hard to take in at the moment. very up & down. Can’t believe its happening to me. Have got a very supportive hubby & family. Had a good cry. Probably wouldn’t have any more children, but it upsets me that I don’t have that choice anymore, to think one day I could have another baby. Going to find it hard when friends & family are having babies, knowing I can’t have anymore. But have to think it could have been worse & not had any children. It’s still hard to take in having a hysterectomy at 32, but it will save my life. So have try & be positive. Yes, keep intouch, let me know how you get on. Good luck :slight_smile: xxxx