Newbie with questions

Hi I'm new here though have been reading posts for a couple of weeks now. 


I had my smear a couple of months ago which came back as hpv positive and high grade dyskarosis (moderate). I had a coloscopy just over a week ago but they couldn't perform the lletz procedure there and then due to the location of the cells. I returned yesterday and had them removed via lletz under a general.

Unfortunately the consultant wasn't very forthcoming after the procedure. I saw him briefly on the ward where he stood at the nurses desk and he told me results would be back in 6 weeks and I could leave once the vaginal pack I had in place had been removed. Then off he went. Thankfully the gynecology nurses have their own Facebook page set up for patients to access and I was able to have some of my questions answered in regards to aftercare and the nurse is going to go through my notes with me when she is back in the office. 

For those who have had this procedure and the results came back showing no cancer did you have to wait 6 months before having a smear again or was you seen sooner? I assumed that they would do another smear once I'm healed to check they got it all or is that not standard? The nurse said my gp nurse will do a smear in 6 months and regardless of those results I will also go back to the gynecology unit to be seen too. I thought 6 months was quite a while to wait. 

For those whos results came back showing cancer how long did you wait for your results? 6 weeks seems such a long time and although I feel less stressed now that the procedure is over and done with I won't fully relax til those results come in. The nurse reassured me that from my coloscopy it did only look like pre cancerous cells but I know from reading on here it's only those biopsy results that can confirm it either way so it's not really reassured me in the way I think she would have hoped.

In regards to bleeding afterwards I have a slight brown discharge/spotting and what can only be describedas paper thin tissue a bit like your skin when it peels from sunburn but just a brown colour. Is this normal? 

And finally how soon did people exercise after this procedure? I'm quite active and train once a week with a pt (facetime is a blessing in this lockdown) and I do some running. I'm going to find it hard not being able to workout but at the same time I don't want to ouhs myself too early if I do myself more harm then good in the process. 


Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance for any advise you can give me. X


Hi LeighLouise,

I had the same procedure along with a hystoscopy and cystoscopy but I had already been diagnosed with cervical cancer prior to it so I dont know how helpful I can be. My results were back within 10 days after the procedure confirming cervical cancer. 

The bleeding you refer to sounds pretty normal but if you do have heavy bleeding days after please contact your hospital immediately. I had heavy bleeding a few days after and dismissed it as a heavy period until 8 days later when I was rushed to A&E and required a transfusion.

With that in mind, I would definitely keep to light exercise for at least a week or two to give your body time to heal but do check with your nurse as that is only my personal recommendation based on my experience alone, I've zero expertise.

Wishing you a positive result from the biopsy.


I had lletz for CIN3 last year and can hopefully answer some of your questions. 
Waiting 6 months for the test of cure smear is standard. Not only does your cervix need to heal but as with any wound you will have scarring. This needs enough time to subside so that the smear taker can get a good sample of cells and not just scar tissue.

I can tell you what I did on the exercise front although everyone heals differently. I am a keen cyclist and was asking the same questions as you. My doctor wasn't much help as his idea of a long bike ride and mine were not the same! I stayed off the bike for the first week and went for walks instead. In the second week, I cycled to work only and in the third week started training again but took it a bit easy at first. I found that if I overdid it, my bleeding was slightly heavier for a couple of hours after. 6 weeks after lletz, I went on a cycling holiday in the Pyrenees including some tough climbs with no problems.

The reason they advise taking it easy with exercise is that it can knock and disturb the scab as it's forming so prolonging the healing. I would stick to low impact activities at first. 
Hope this helps.