Newbie with a few questions :-)

Hi, I had a second abnormal smear in the middle of Januray so I was sent for a colcoscopy which came back as cin3. I had lletz treatment 7 days ago to remove these but after the op I was told that they thought they had spread. The doctor said the area was far more widely spread than they thought so he removed what he could and tried to burn the rest off as he couldnt take them off using lletz (really dont understand this). Anyway he also said that he did a biopsy to see f they had spread outside the cervix and I would need to see a specialist to discuss the results as soon as the results come back as I will need to discuss my options. When i asked what he meant he said it was above and beyond his pay scale to say and I really needed to wait for my results and discuss things with my specialist. I probed further and he said if the results arent good and I was above child bearing age (im 28) they would probably suggest an hysterectomy. Now im really concerned. Does anyone know what any of it means? Also ive had a really fowl smelling discharge after the lletz and I have been put on antibiotics but after reading things on the net some people have said its normal! Is this right? Its really horrendous, so much so I am terrified about going back to work with it! If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks. xx

Above and beyond your doctors pay scale to tell you what is wrong with your body? What the heck is wrong with some doctors?! Seriously! You poor thing :frowning: it sounds like your situation was a little more than they first thought and that you will need further treatments to make sure the abnormalities are all removed. I am so sorry you aren’t getting your questions answered! Why do they do this to us?! About the smell, a little odour is normal considering what they have done in there - I had my lletz done 8 days ago. I just started bleeding today and am worrying a little - but before today I had a yellow, watery discharge with tiny black specks (sorry for tmi) and my doctor advised me if it starts to smell worse (like rotten garbage or old fish) or if the colour changes then antibiotics would be needed as that would mean an infection. I had a swab done and should be getting the results back today. I keep asking the hubbie if I smell? I think I do, but he hasn’t noticed anything. Do you maybe have someone close to you that you trust whom you could ask? I do think we notice it more, cause we are the ones wiping and dealing with it every day. I hope it calms down for you soon! How long have you been on the antibiotics? They should kick in after a few days… Hang in there.

Sorry if this didn’t help you… I am a little messy still after the GA :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Yes I think the doctor was rather unprofessional to say it was above and beyond his pay scale, its left me nervous about what the results may be or that he has an inkling but wanted this confirmed by results of the biopsy. The smell is like your doctor described, its really not nice. My husband has said he hasnt noticed but im changing myself regularly and i darnet even let him near as im so, so embarrased! I don't even feel like socialising with any one, its all rather knocked me for six! x

oh and ive been on the antibiotics 2 days, the course os 14 days. If your not sure about the smell yourself, you are probably ok. Its really distinctive :-(