Newbie to site, unfortunately not to colposcopy

Hi girls, I'm new to this site but look forward to being able to discuss these things with ladies who are in similar circumstances. So I'm 27, married, mother of two little girls, Olivia 6 and Matilda 13 weeks. Basically I had LLETZ treatment for cin3 and CGIN. I have my follow up in the morning and I'm wondering do these often return?? Or am I likely to be all clear? Thanks Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl.  

I'm a couple years down the line now.  I had cgin low grade and cin 1 removed with lletz.  So far touch wood all smears and colposcopy have been normal. Now waiting on latest smer results. Colposcopy Friday was normal though. 

Did u have high or low cgin? Did the say anything about it likely to come back?  

I know it can skip layers so can be higher up but not sure how common that is. Mind you having cgin isn't common. Where re u on the country. Natalie xxx

Hi Natalie, 

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I appreciate that. 

I'm glad you got the all clear and I hope this results the same.

Well I had my follow up appointment this morning and unfortunately they found the high grade CGIN had returned, he performed LLETZ and took a biopsy but yeah he explained how it can be difficult to see therefore difficult to treat.

I'm just hoping the result of the biopsy is a good one. 

I'm from Northern Ireland,what about yourself? 

Xx Cheryl

Hi. So sorry you didn't get the all clear. 

It's good he saw it on the colposcopy though and it wasn't hidden. 

Have they said what your followup will be now you've had it twice  

I think there is a couple of ladies that have had it 2 or 3 times.

I'm in the north of England.  

I'm hoping that because my colposcopy was clear my smear will be the same. It's the not knowing if anything is further up. 

I've done quite a lot of research and googling.  Sometimes doesn't help the anxiety but any questions please ask x

Hi Tillyrose,

Absolutely, they explained how CGIN affects the glands deeper into the cervix so I see your point totally, even if they see nothing on the surface how can they be sure there's nothing else deeper?

My gynae is fantastic though and I guess he didn't want to cause any panic in me as I was sooooo nervous during the appointment, I had a episiotomy 13 weeks ago and was not looking forward to the procedure one bit. 

Anyhow, he did that depending on the result of the biopsy we could discuss further treatment options but he was fairly confident he would get me back to normal so guess it's all depends on these biopsy results. Its going to be a long 6 weeks

Xx cheryl