Newbie, scared and confused!

Hi everyone


My name is Natalie, I'm 27, married with a beautiful little girl who's 14 months old.


I had my first post partum smear when my daughter was around 12 months which came back with changes so had a trip to colposcopy on 23rd December.

It came back as CIN2 and I had LLETZ on 29th January. I've had no bleeding as yet and decided to Google, that's how I found this forum.

Since I had the procedure I just can't stop thinking this isn't the end. I've got a really bad feeling that the results are going to be the worst news. Does everyone feel like this? Is it normal to have no bleeding yet? I don't know what to expect! 

Hi Hun, 

im no expert but I had a LLetz just over a week ago. I didnt bleed for 2-3 days after. I think this is "normal" as they burn the area and cauterise it so it starts healing n doesn't bleed straight away. I suspect you will start bleeding soon.... My consultant told me to expect some "mucky discharge" 2-3 days after the procedure. N that some yellow stuff would be normal cos of the cream he used.... ... N he wasnt wrong!!! (Gross I know!!) 


N I'm convinced I need a hysterectomy.... no idea why.... My consultant hasn't memtioned it..... But I think its just an "unhelpful thinking strategy"... i think I'm preparing for the worst,.... n actually Hun you are kinda right.... Because this probably won't be the end will it? you may need smears more often or a colposcopy in the future... N every time u go f anything your gonnabe thinking what if it comes back with something again?.... But... This is all normal (I hope) n the whole reason we go for these tests is cos we care about our health N we have a system that does some preventative stuff to stop us getting sick....(even though that's stressfull!!)x x x

Hi there, yep very normal to convince yourself you have the worst possible thing lurking inside you. Its a horrible thought! But chances are, after having LLETZ they will have removed everything, and you'll only need regular check ups to make full sure.

I didn't have any discharge until the end of the week 1 after my LLETZ, and even then it was not that much. I was expecting gushing!

You're really not alone. I have also convinced myself I am going to get the worst news. I think it's human nature, we prepare ourselves for the worst so can deal with it if it comes to it. 

I had my lletz done a week ago, not really any blood, just a murky coloured discharge with the lovely black bits in. Slightly crampy and (sorry for the over share) smelly, so going to dr tomorrow, but from the many things I've read it seems everyone has a slightly different experience. 


after receiving the news i had abnormal cells i totally convinced myself i would have the worst thing possible! I went for my first smear aged 24 on the13th January 2015. Less than a week later i was called to say i had high grade severe dysk and would need to be referred to colposcopy urgently for them to see what was wrong and for possible treatment. I received my letter on the thursday and my appointment was monday. It was all i could think about and felt sick all weekend. when i went for my appointment at the hospital the sister spoke to me and said i had CGIN the rare form of abnormal pre cancerous cells and that i needed treatment there and then. Its very scary and you dont have time to think (which i think is a good thing). The sister and nurse were incredible and knew i was very nervous! I had 3 local anaesthetics into my cervix which i found terrifying as im petrified of needles but the LLETZ really wasnt bad at all. Within 30 minutes i had been through my treatment and i was walking out of hospital. At that point i found it quite hard to deal with, its alot to process within a very short space of time and i cried all night. My partner and family found the following days very hard too waiting for my results. Luckily the Friday the same week 9am the sister called me to say they had removed all the nasty cells and they were'nt cancerous and i just had to go back 6 months later for another smear. I had a little discharge for the first couple of days but now a week later i am starting to get heavy discoloured discharge and the cramp is returning. From reading other comments this seems pretty normal? Its so important to go for your smear on time! im lucky and i know it! 

13th January 2015 - my first smear aged 24

19th January 2015 - diagnosed with high grade severe dysk

26th January 2015 - LLETZ treatment for CGIN 

30th January 2014 - all clear and smear in 6 months