Newbie lots of questions

A lot of the women on here have been through much worse than me and I know my situation will seem quite insignificant in comparison.

On 20/11/15 I received my smear test result of borderline changes with high risk HPV virus present. This has really knocked me for six and I am scared stiff. I am currently trying to educate myself on everything to prepare myself as I think I will probably fall to pieces when I go for my colposcopy appointment. Hoping you guys will be able to answer some of my questions. Some of them are probably quite silly questions to ask so sorry in advance.

Do smear test results letters give individual results? i.e if you have borderline changes the letter states this but if you have low dyskaryosis, moderate dyskaryosis or severe dyskaryosis it states one of those? Also does your smear test result letter state if glandular cells were present on your smear if they were or not?

I have received my appointment letter saying I have mild dyskaryosis. Is this the same as borderline or is this the next stage up after borderline? This letter looks more of a one letter for everyone so not sure if my abnormal result has been upgraded from borderline or not.

To top things off I have a cervical ectropion. Does this make it harder to distinguish between healthy and un healthy cells? I have been trying to find some information about the difference of normal and abnormal cells on an ectropion on DR google but am struggling to find anything. In particular how the normal and abnormal cells will look when the acetic acid and iodine are applied? Sorry it’s a bit graphic it’s just my way of trying to mentally prepare myself.

How long were you sat legs a kimbo for your colposcopy appointment?

Did they treat you there and then?

Your experience of afterwards. How did you feel? What was your results? Treatment? How was your periods after treatment? And a couple of strange ones. If you had the lletz treatment how much of your cervix was removed? How different did your cervix look after it had healed? And did sex feel any different for you?

Am I mad? We have been trying to conceive for the past two years. We already have a daughter together and when I went to discuss my smear test results with the doctor (totally unsympathetic and couldn’t wait to get me out of the room fast enough) I mentioned we have been trying for a while and I wanted to start fertility testing. Am I ad to do this with my borderline changes hanging over my head. In my head the first steps are blood tests and with referral times I might as well get the ball rolling so that by the time the other tests are required this should be all dealt with?

Thanks for reading. Any help you can give is much appreciated.

I believe borderline changes are cin1 and maybe do another smear within 6 months to see if they have rectified themselves, hpv they will do the same with the smear. Try not to worry lovely, ask to see another gp and ask for more answers good luck hun x

Hi Helen,


I had borederline changes and high risk HPV on my smear results. I had my Colposcopy yesterday and it wasnt nice but wasnt as bad as i had hyped myself up for! i think all in all i was 'legs a kimbo' for 15 minutes at the most but i did have 2 biopsies taken. I also have a cervical ectrropian which i was unaware of until the Colp. The nurse suggested i had CIN 2 but we will know more when i get the Biopsy results. I had a few cramps and a bit of pain since and and a small bit of bleeding but nothing too bad. I am terrible with things like this but the nurses were wonderful and put my mind at ease the whole time. The nurse advised that she thinks i will need treatment and my local hospital only offer Lletz. She has requested this be done under GA so im less anxious about it.

The waiting with all of this is defo the worst part. I've found lots of comfort on Jo's Trust and i hope you do too. there are lots of women going through the same thing and we're lucky enough to be in the system and things being done to prevent anything worse happening. We must remember these are all pre cancerous at this stage and i hve read stories and know friends that have had success stories even once higher stages have been diagnosed. 

in regards to the fertility treatment i would speak to your doctor about that. hopefully your Colp will suggest CIN 1 and they cells can still heal themselves at this stage so you will only require 6 monthly check ups.

wish you all the best, i hope this has helped slightly.