Newbie: Lletz yesterday, back and fourth with abnormal smears, feeling frustrated

Hi folks, I'm new to Jo's Trust and wanted to say that although this is my first time posting in the forum, I have been reading lots of your posts and information and found it increadibly helpful.  It's wonderful to see such a supportive and inviting community Smile


Here's a bit about my experience so far:

March '12 - first abnormal smear - low grade

April '12 - first visit to colposcopy - couldn't see/detect abnormal cells

April '13 - 1st year follow up smear following colposcopy - low grade, put on 6 monthly smears

Oct '13 - 6 month follow up smear - low grade, continue with 6 monthly smears

June '14 (nearly 3 months late - I kept putting it off!) - follow up smear - high grade, referred to colposcopy

Yesterday - second visit to colposcopy - couldn't see any abnormal cells, but could be higher up, received LLETZ treatment to be on safe side & awaiting results of biopsy.


I am very fearful of undergoing any kind of procedure under local anethestic so I was very anxious about yesterday's appointment in case I had to have the LLETZ treatment.  Then, yesterday morning I stumbled across Jo's Trust, and I'm so happy I did!  The comments and information here was invaluable to me and helped me to feel less worried about what was to come.  For anyone else in the same boat, try not to worry, the LLETZ really isn't as bad as it sounds.  I was most worried about having the local anesthetic, rather than the rest of the treatment, but the doctor and nurses who were at my side were amazing.  I couldn't have asked for nicer people.  The nurse especially made me feel at ease - she kept me chatting about my plans for the summer holidays, my upcoming wedding anniversary & other lovely things which helped take my mind away from what the doctor was doing.  I didn't really feel the local anesthetic being given, felt more like a niggle, and the worst I felt during the rest of the treatment was period type pains.  Before I knew it, it was over, and i'd barely finished my conversation with the nurse!  I must say though, that today I feel a little tender and nauseaus, and finished up coming home from work half way through my day.  Have been asleep this afternoon which seems to have done wonders, starting to feel much better again now.


Now I just have to wait for the results, which is where my question comes in......I have been back and fourth with smears that keep coming back with a positive result for abnormal cell changes, yet twice now I have been to colposcopy and the doctor hasn't been able to see anything even when the result indicates severe changes.  I understand that my doctor gave me the treatment to be on the safe side but he did say the abnormal cells could be higher up, where he can't see.  I don't really understand why the smears keep coming back positive if he can't see any abnormal cells.  Has anyone else had the same/similar experience?  I'm hoping the biopsy results will give more info.  In the meantime I'm due back for another 'test of cure' smear in 6 months, too see if treatment has worked.  Just wondering when these endless smear tests might go back to the normal once every 3 years - I know they're to help me, and that what I'm going through is nothing compared to others but it's getting frustrating and tiring now.


Thanks - you're all so amazing Cool