Newbie just wanting to say hi

Hello ladies,

First time poster.. Many weeks silently reading.

Had my smear 19th Oct, received a letter on 7th Nov stating my smear had shown "high grade dyskaryosis (moderate)" and invited for colscopy and lletz treatment on 16th Nov.

I went with my partner and had the lletz procedure where my Dr said she was confident she had got everything and had taken a biopsy to be sent off to be tested.

Now I'm 14 days post lletz and I'm a bag of nerves, managed to control my nerves and thoughts up until the past few day. The wait for the letter is slowly dragging me down and and has completely sucked the fun out of Xmas this year and also we are buying our first home at the moment too. But I can't  seem to be happy about these things and I'm feeling very lost atm.

My partner is very understanding and is very supportive in everyway. 

Anyway I'm blabbing on, just wanted to say hi and thank you to this wonderful site...without which I don't think I'd be so informed and ready for what may or may not be round the corner. 




Hi LeighBunny, new here too but been reading. Went to the dr beginning of the months with irregukar bleeding and bleeding after sex her own exams and swabs showed up nothing so was referred to colposcopy where today I had a biopsy as abnormality was found. Bad of nerves too so know exactly how you feel. Not even old enough for a smear so I have no idea what grade it woild be classed as. Will have to see what comes back. Hope you are holding up okay. Just wanted to let you know someone’s active here and reading. Be sure you update on your results x

Hang in there! I'm waiting too! We can do this

Thank you ladies, 

I didn't think waiting for a letter would be so draining. no sex and waiting for my inside to start falling out is also starting to take its toll. 

I was fine and dandy for a fair while, now each day seems darker, longer and I seem to be wishing days away waiting for the letter. I should be looking forward to Xmas with my kids and Hubby.  I start the day optimist but when I see the postman has been and there is still no letter I seem to's tiring.



Hi ladies x 

I've been on here for around 6 months and have found this forum invaluable! 

I'm booked in for LLETZ today so feeling a little nervous. 

Best of luck with the results xx

If it helps...  the procedure wasn't painful or uncomfortable, my legs were shaking due to my legs being in the cups/stirrups.

I did have a breakdown when I sat down as I felt it was all very real very quick.

The only thing that came as a surprise was the smell and the smoke that came from between my legs while they did the lletz.

Are you taking someone for support?