Newbie - Just had LLETZ, awaiting biopsy results

Hey everyone,


I've been lurking on these forums for the last few weeks when I received a letter for my colposcopy appointment but decided to join today. Like many of you, the waiting for results is already driving me mad and I can't sleep.

My results letter after my smear was super vague, no results just 'abnormalities' and I'd "likely need treatment". I'm in Scotland so I don't know if that makes a difference - so I have no idea if I have CIN1,2,3 or carcinoma in situ! Just that I was put on an urgent 2 week referral. How infuriating! I seen most of you at least had results on your letter of CIN grade, I haven't been told a thing. :(

I had my colposcopy, LLETZ and biopsy two days ago. The gynae was pretty stern, tight lipped, asked how much I knew about my results and I said nothing tbh my letter didn't go into detail. She just asked the usual medical history sort of stuff, explained what the procedure was for and that if she thought it was obvious my cervix was abnormal she'd do LLETZ and biopsy then and there, which she ended up doing. She just kept repeating how I had 'extensive'  viral cell changes and asked if I knew what HPV was. (I do, I'm a student nurse.) From what I seen on the screen it was just pure white. Afterwards, I was just given a few leaflets and told I'd get my biopsy results in 4-6 weeks as she "needs to know for sure what we have here" so that we know what treatment is required and that i may have appointments back at her clinic or at another hospital. She then she asked for my phone number which I thought was a bit odd as surely that'd be in my file... I didn't really feel as if I could ask any questions as she was almost coming across as cold, however I think it might have just been concern or attempting to be professional.

Needless to say this hardly fills me with confidence. I've been having watery discharge for about a month or so alongside low back pain. I originally went to my GP as I've not had a period since November (not preg!) with some random spotting last month and they suggested I have a smear as I was due one anyway. I've been for smears whenever called and only received a borderline result before now.

Not sure why I'm writing this to be fair, been reading some of your posts and they've been comforting to an extent, guess I'm reaching out to anyone who's been through a similar experience. Its so horrible waiting for results, I don't know how I'm going to manage 4-6 weeks!! I have exams next week and an essay due in for uni which I can't concentrate on whatseover. My dad has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in January there so I've just managed to digest and deal with that, now I'm having my own cancer scare! Its almost taking over my thoughts constantly so I just keep trying to distract myself by binge watching netflix when I don't have the compulsion to google.

Does anyone have any tips on how to wait it out or any reassuring experiences?

B x


Hey, my letter was exactly the same as yours I do believe it's quite standard for them to write abnormal cells were found so don't worry I guess theres a good reason. I only actually found out mine are Cgin before my Lletz treatment on Friday under general which was a right shock.  

So sorry to hear about your dad sounds like you have so much going on. The toughest part is the waiting part, my consultant told me my original biopsy didn't contain cancer but then as my OP he said he still could be. Covering all based I guess. I guess all we can do is try to live life as normal as possible because the best thing is they've picked up on it and were on the radar so they can sort it for us. Always here if you need a chat xx


Hi my love, I am in a similar situation to you. I had my smear in March, got a letter after 4 weeks saying I had abnormal cells and I would be reffered for a colposcopy.

Well on Wednesday morning I opened the letter that stated I had CGIN and my appointment was on the same day! No time to mentally prepare myself at all! I was a wreck. Went to my apt which to be honest was a blur!! They said treatment may need to be done under GA but she'd have a look first. Well she did the LLETZ (I think that's what its called, still learning!) there and then under local. Having it done was ok, but was sat up to quickly after and felt faint which was horrible.

Now I just have every worst case scenario in my head. I suffer with anxiety regarding my health anyway so this has been very hard!! I'm just trying to focus on the positives that they have found it, and it's not just lingering getting worse. You are not alone, and it's definitely comforting talking to others who are going through the same thing. 

Hugs x


Hi guys,


Many thanks for your lovely replies!

I agree - the waiting really is the worst part, being in limbo is just hellish.

Really hope all of our results come back clear and we're worrying about nothing! Anxiety is horrible and makes you imagine the worst. I'm glad I found this forum, it really is reassuring knowing I'm not alone in going through this. I just keep trying to distract myself lately, excessively cleaning, thinking of ideas on how to decorate my flat..absolutely anything! All the things you normally put off for ages.

Ruby_Marie that must have been horrible having it on the same day - absolutely no time to process what's going on at all! A plus though, not having to sit and reread the letter and just wait around for the colposcopy appointment and get yourself into a panic!

Big hugs to both of you! <3

I'm also here if you's need to vent.


B xx